Daily Digest: August 21, 2010

Verse of the Day
Revelation 16:16 And he gathered them together into a place called in the Hebrew tongue Armageddon.
The match was lit to light the fuse to Armageddon. Today, Iran is starting up its nuclear reactor: Iran Begins Fueling First Nuclear Reactor 08/21/10 The war now is set in stone. Israel cannot allow Iran to build nuclear weapons while Iran is not going to stop. The West is paralyzed as it is unable to act against Iran.
Russia is the nation behind this and yet, not a word is said about the Russian culpability! Russia is getting a free pass while Israel has to fight for its survival.
The Muslim confederation is ready for war. They have made great plans and feel that Israel is going to be destroyed. I can sense their glee as they are going about preparing for this war. Yet, the Holy God of Israel will have the final say. He is about to use little Israel as His anvil to destroy several Muslim nations and Islam. When the Muslims see that God is behind Israel, I hope that millions of them come to salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ. God is about to begin to break the back of Islam.
Please make sure that your spiritual house is in order. Use the remaining time to grow closer with the Lord and prepare your heart for the Blessed Hope. In the time that remains, be a great witness for the Lord Jesus. What the prophets wrote about thousands of years ago is starting to unfold before our eyes! The real End-Time doctrine is about to become a living reality. All the twisting of the Bible is about to be straightened out by God.
May the Holy God of Israel bless and protect you and your family.
1 John 3:2,3 Beloved, now are we the sons of God, and it doth not yet appear what we shall be: but we know that, when he shall appear, we shall be like him; for we shall see him as he is. And every man that hath this hope in him purifieth himself, even as he is pure.

Israel and the Middle East War

Obama Faces Middle East ‘Train Wreck’ as Iran Builds Nuclear Program 08/20/10 “Oil prices spike. Shipping routes come under attack. Mideast peace talks collapse. Progress in Afghanistan is shattered. President Obama finds himself caught in a shouting match between Israel’s supporters in America and critics abroad. And so much for restoring ties with the Muslim world.”
This is why I think once this war starts it will usher in God’s End-Time prophetic plan. There is no turning back once this war gets under way.
Ahmadinejad: Our response to attack would be worldwide 08/21/10 I believe he is being truthful and this is one reason why this war is going to destabilize the world.
Iran ’12 months from nuclear weapon’ US warns as Bushehr reactor started 08/20/10 The countdown has begun. No matter what angle you look at this, there is only a few months left, at the most, until the war starts that leads to Armageddon.
Iran: We will continue to enrich uranium despite receiving Russian fuel 08/21/10 Iran is not even trying to hide that it is building nuclear weapons.
The ‘disengagement’ disaster, five years on 08/18/10 “In fact, disengagement was a staggering failure, a disaster in every respect. It was seen by most Palestinians not as a courageous act of goodwill and an invitation to peace, but as a retreat under fire, much like the Israeli flight from southern Lebanon five years earlier. It led therefore not to less terrorism but to more, as Palestinian militants vastly expanded their arsenal of rockets, guns, and explosives, and launched thousands of attacks over the border into Israel.”
Floods, Famines, Fires, Etc.
***Study shakes up scientists’ view of San Andreas earthquake risk 08/21/10 “For years, scientists have said major earthquakes occurred every 250 to 450 years along this part of the San Andreas. The new study found big temblors on the fault every 88 years, on average.” The last earthquake on that area of the fault was in 1857. The quake is long overdue! It is locked and loaded for judgment. I believe God allowed this report as a last warning to those living in California. After reading this article and realizing how this state is pushing “sodomite marriage,” it is very clear to me that judgment is at the door. I suggest that all those that fear the LORD, consider relocating out of the state to a place of safety that God leads you to. Seek the LORD about where to go, but I do sense there is NOT much time left for this state, as it is at the epicenter of rebellion against the LORD. Please put two and two together with the promotion of “homosexual marriage” and this fault locked and loaded and flee. I feel it is almost like Lot fleeing Sodom.
Russia grain imports to soar in 2010/11 – analyst 08/19/10
 NASA satellites detect over 600 wildfires across Russia 08/20/10 The curse of Obadiah 1:15 is now settled on Russia. 
Pakistan facing a ‘slow-motion tsunami’ 08/20/10 How can Pakistan survive this flooding? The entire country is being destroyed. What are they going to do for water and food? This is going to destabilize the entire region as there may be millions of refugees fleeing into Iran, Afghanistan and India. 
More floods in China; 50,000 evacuated 08/21/10
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Daily Digest: August 20, 2010

Verse of the Day
Luke 21:24 And they shall fall by the edge of the sword, and shall be led away captive into all nations: and Jerusalem shall be trodden down of the Gentiles, until the times of the Gentiles be fulfilled. (Continued)
Jerusalem is God’s time piece for prophecy. Right now, Obama is trying to start up the peace talks, and there can be no solution because of Jerusalem. The Muslims want Jerusalem as their capital and Israel will not divide the city. At some point, Obama is going to have to side with the Muslims or Israelis regarding Jerusalem. I have no doubt he will side with the Muslims and put enormous pressure on Israel to divide Jerusalem. This will bring great disaster to America.
Israelis, Palestinians to Resume Peace Talks, U.S. Officials Say 08/20/10 In the past when America pressured Israel with these meetings, awesome disasters hit America. The economy has really been hit on these days, so we can expect judgments during this time. The talks are scheduled to begin on September 2. The months of September/October throughout history have been the months for the huge stock market crashes. With these coming talks and the economy in America, it does not look good.  
I have spent time watching the Hard Left news shows. I am actually fascinated watching how the Hard Left is so desperate to defend the Ground Zero mosque and Islam. One host was lamenting how the poor Imam was suffering through all this. Howard Dean said the “Right Wing” were all bigots, but this issue was beyond the bigots and the mosque should not be moved. The host actually challenged Dean over this and would not accept Dean’s position. 
All the shows are now talking about Sharia law, and this is now out in the open. This issue is a blessing from God. This is God’s way of trying to protect America from Islam. He is trying to warn America of what is coming. If the church and America do not stand on this issue, I see America being turned over to Islam. This is a watershed issue. If Islam succeeds, it is  the “will of allah”  and America is weak. The Muslims want to use this mosque for Islamic renewal in America! To the Muslims, a mosque on Ground Zero is like the mosque on top of the Temple Mount. It shows the supremacy of allah.
America now has no excuse. The horrors of Islam have been exposed for all to see. Are the Hard Left and Muslims going to succeed? I have a feeling the people of America are going to stand against Islam. It is so amazing to see the Hard Left Fascists out in the open defending Islam! This issue has really driven the Left and Islam together. I hope it draws the pastors and church leaders out of hiding in the tall grass and into the spiritual battle that is now raging all around them.
The Bible connects the end of the Gentile reign over Jerusalem with awesome events. This coming war could be the trigger for these End-Time events. The events are so great that many people are going to die of heart attacks from fear. This is why we need to be focused on the Lord Jesus and the Blessed Hope: The hope of the Lord coming for His church and then the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. God’s power is found by focusing on the Lord Jesus and the Blessed Hope. This brings peace and joy even in the hour we are now living.
May the Holy God of Israel bless and protect you.
Luke 21:25,26 And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring; Men’s hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken. (Continued)
Israel and the Middle East War 
Arab sources: A major military surprise is close. Galant scandal a smokescreen  08/20/10 This is a real good article summarizing the current situation. The Arabs are saying a big military surprise is coming. The date that is speculated for the Arab attack on Israel is September 1. That is not very far away. Israel remains very calm. Remember, when this war starts there is no turning back. This is the war that launches God’s end-time prophetic plan into high gear and leads directly to Armageddon. This war will signal the end of Islam and of course the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus with His church.
Lebanon refuses to bow to Israeli warning on Gaza boat 08/20/10 It is possible that the Muslims could use this incident or one like it to trigger the war with Israel. Why are they doing this? There is a motive behind it. They could provoke Israel into a confrontation and then use this as an excuse for war. Notice how bold Lebanon is. This is because it is part of the confederation against Israel and knows the war is coming.
“Lebanon refuses to bow to Israel’s warning against granting clearance to an all-women aid boat which plans to sail to blockaded Gaza this weekend, the transport minister said on Friday.”We will not respond to the wishes or requests of (Israeli Defence Minister Ehud) Barak, and what he says is of little relevance to us,” Ghazi Aridi told AFP in a telephone interview.”  
‘Algerian ship leaves for Gaza’ 08/19/10 This all could be coordinated against Israel.

Al-Qaida prepares for Israel-Iran war 08/20/10  

Greece Quietly Provides Israeli Air Force Pivotal Assistance on S-300 as Iran Nuke Strike Looms 07/14/08 This is an older article that is loaded with great information. 
U.S. Assures Israel That Iran Threat Is Not Imminent 08/20/10 It takes discernment because the governments release disinformation. The attack could take place tomorrow but the government would deny it right up to minute of the attack. I try and work through disinformation when I post on the blog.  
Skip the lecture on Israel’s ‘risks for peace’ 08/19/10 
Islam and IslamoFascism/Jihad   
Muslim employee accuses Disney of discrimination  08/18/10 This is the Muslims pushing Sharia law. They will not stop until they are forced to. 
Imam Behind New York Project Starts Mideast Tour 08/19/10 What a disgrace this is to America. 

Mega Mosque Plans Target America’s Heartland (video) Why don’t Americans like Muslims? 08/17/10 This is a real good article. 
Shariah Law and the 1st Amendment Free Excercise Clause 08/17/10

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Daily Digest: August 19, 2010

Verse of the Day
Jeremiah 30:3 For, lo, the days come, saith the LORD, that I will bring again the captivity of my people Israel and Judah, saith the LORD: and I will cause them to return to the land that I gave to their fathers, and they shall possess it.
The two hot issues now are Islam and Israel. The talk of war is once again loud. Iran and Russia are forcing the war with the nuclear reactor. It is to go on-line between August 21 and September 16. Israel might strike, but something does not seem right to me. It just seems that the time is not right yet. It is so calm in Washington and Jerusalem about this. If Israel does not strike now, it does not have too much time left. The window is maybe until the Spring.
When watching Iran, do not forget about Jerusalem. The Mufti of Jerusalem is warning of a religious war over Jerusalem. This city is always a flash point for war. Once again, the Mufti is calling for a jihad to defend Jerusalem and the Temple Mount against the Jews. It would be smart for Iran to start the war over Jerusalem, and that way they could unite Islam against Israel. Very soon, we will know how this plays out. Jerusalem Mufti: Watch Out for Religious War 08/18/10 ” Is a Moslem cleric making one war-provoking statement too many? Jerusalem Mufti Muhammad Hussein says Israeli sovereignty in Jerusalem, Hevron could start a religious war.”
 The controversy over the mosque at Ground Zero continues to boil. This is a defining moment in American history. Will the American people stand against the Hard Left and Islam! The battle lines are very clear. I think the American people are going to stand and defeat this mosque. The Americans seem to be awakening, although, I still see the church asleep. They are fast learning what Islam really is and jelling against it. Americans are learning about Sharia law!
***Tawfik Hamid: Ground Zero Mosque Islamic Victory Symbol 08/18/10 This is a tremendous article and I wanted to quote it all. The mosque at Ground Zero would be a rally cry for the Muslims to continue the attacks on America. It would be “proof” of Islam’s victory.
A House of Worship or a Symbol of Destruction? 08/16/10 This is a good article from a Muslim saying what I have been saying about the mosque at Ground Zero.
America is not rolling over like the Europeans. The country is fast dividing into two camps that are irreconcilable. I watched a liberal talk show last night and they were outright defending Islam and the mosque. The Hard Left really does love Islam. They appear married as they are so in love with each other. 
On the same show, they attacked Sara Palin as being against women’s rights because she is pro-life! The Hard Left women love Islam, which would enslave them, but because they are such abortion lovers they turn against Palin! The Left women are playing with fire with the LORD, because what if He gives these women over to Islam! 
What a marriage that would be. The Leftist women under the authority of Taliban-type Muslims! These women hate the LORD and reject all He represents. They stand with Islam, so it would be justice if there was a way that America could be free of Islam, but these Hard Left women could come under allah. Oh well, I can dream. 

The actions and attitude of these ungodly, Hard Left women remind of the condition of  the Hebrew women before the Babylonian captivity. God describes them as haughty which gives the image of proud and arrogant. It really does fit the attitude of the Hard Left women of America. They arrogantly will mock Sara Palin as she defends the babies while at the same time  they flock to defend Islam and stand against the LORD.
Isaiah 3:16,17 Moreover the LORD saith, Because the daughters of Zion are haughty, and walk with stretched forth necks and wanton eyes, walking and mincing as they go, and making a tinkling with their feet: Therefore the Lord will smite with a scab the crown of the head of the daughters of Zion, and the LORD will discover their secret parts. (18) In that day the Lord will take away the bravery of their tinkling ornaments about their feet, and their cauls, and their round tires like the moon, (24) And it shall come to pass, that instead of sweet smell there shall be stink; and instead of a girdle a rent; and instead of well set hair baldness; and instead of a stomacher a girding of sackcloth; and burning instead of beauty.

May the Holy God of Israel bless and protect you, and especially the American godly women from Islam.
Hebrews 9:28 So Christ was once offered to bear the sins of many; and unto them that look for him shall he appear the second time without sin unto salvation.

Israel and the Middle East War 

Commentary: Guns of August? 08/17/10 This is a real interesting article, although it does have a negative tone against Israel. 
Gulf States Pushing for Attack on Iran 08/19/10 They will push for the war and when Iran is destroyed turn on Israel.
Arabs terrorists preparing for war with Israel 08/19/10 Everyone is getting ready for the war. There is a lot of pressure building toward war in September.
Israel deepens relations with Greece 08/18/10Environment threatens Pakistani state: US report 08/18/10 “The report said that Pakistan faced critical risks to food security in the coming decades due to a number of reasons including water scarcity, population growth and mismanagement. “The combination of these factors could contribute to Pakistan’s decline as a fully functioning state, creating new, or expanding existing, largely ungoverned areas,” the Congressional Research Service said.” Islamic nations snub UN plea to help flood victims 08/17/10
Freedom to give Nazi salute 08/18/10 This shows just how destructive the Hard Left is. They destroy any society they are in.
Anti-Semitism soars in Holland 08/18/10 This country is being turned over to Islam. It is controlled by the Hard Left and exalts homosexuality. Now the Muslims are gaining power. It is fitting Holland is so anti-Semitic that it is becoming a Muslim nation with the Hard Left leading the way its destruction!
Islam and IslamoFascism/Jihad
Ground Zero Debate Geller vs Shahed Amanullah Video This is a great debate and make sure that you watch it.
Is Your Local Mosque ‘Moderate’ or ‘Radical’? 08/18/10
State Dept. sponsors trip for imam connected to N.Y. mosque project 08/19/10 “His program is about religious diversity and tolerance in America. Will he relate that to his personal situation? Probably,” another State Department official said.”
The Islamo-Fascist 08/19/10 What an interesting article about a top Nazi who found a home in Islam after WW2. He was a Jew hater until his death. Now he knows all about the God of Israel.
Nearly 1 in 5 Americans Think Obama is Muslim 08/18/10 

Islamic Center Backers Won’t Rule Out Taking Funds from Saudi Arabia, Iran 08/18/10

Economic Armageddon
The big picture for the economy is down, down and down. The big event on the horizon is the failure of a state or major city. Once this happens, it will shake the confidence of investors all over and spike interest rates which will accelerate other failures. California and its cities are real close, but other states are making this a horse race.
US Says Bankruptcies Reach Nearly 5-Year High 08/17/10 There is no end is sight.
Schwarzenegger Orders Furloughs to Start 08/19/10 This is the same man who wanted ‘sodomite marriage” to begin immediately after the federal judges decision. Now, a few days later, he immediately lays off 150,000 state workers!
Former Mayor Riordan: Los Angeles Headed for Bankruptcy 08/13/10 It is headed faster than he thinks. 
Fed’s Hoenig: Keeping Rates Too Low ‘Dangerous Gamble’ 08/13/10 The LORD has judged the economy, so anything they attempt will turn out to be a curse.
When Will Financial Armageddon Begin? 08/09/10 “Williams also predicted 2 years ago we would have a “hyperinflationary depression”  within 10 years.  Then, about a year ago, he revised his prediction and narrowed the window to “five years.”  The day before last Friday’s dismal jobs report, Williams said, “. . . the timing of the looming U.S. financial Armageddon is coming into better focus, with increasingly high risk of it breaking within the next six months to a year.”   

Jobless millions signal death of the American dream for many 08/15/10

Some stores finding deep discounts aren’t enough 08/18/10 This is a sign that the economy is heading toward deflation. Deflation will destroy many businesses as they lose money and go bankrupt. The fed will try and counter this with flooding the economy with dollars which will cause runaway inflation. This will totally destroy the economy.
Homeless in Longview: ‘We don’t have anywhere else to go’ 08/18/10 This is the direction America is heading. It cannot be stopped as judgment has fallen on the nation.

Economic Slowdown Catches Up With Nascar 08/08/10

Hebrews 12:14-16 Follow peace with all men, and holiness, without which no man shall see the Lord: Looking diligently lest any man fail of the grace of God; lest any root of bitterness springing up trouble you, and thereby many be defiled; Lest there be any fornicator,
or profane person, as Esau, who for one morsel of meat sold his birthright.
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Daily Digest: August 18, 2010

Verse of the Day
Matthew 28:18 And Jesus came and spake unto them, saying, All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth. (19) Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: (20) Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world. Amen.


America is now politically on fire. It is not roaring yet, but it is on the way to a roaring forest fire. Watch the Hard Left demonize and viciously attack anyone who is against their agenda. This was the tactic in the past, but it will not work now. They will go beyond this to violence. The more they see themselves losing power the more dangerous they become. If you think of Castro losing power, this is how the Hard Left will react. Most likely they will target “Right Wing” Christians as the source of their of trouble. This all should accelerate as election day nears. From now to the new Congress in January is most dangerous for martial law to be declared and prevent the new Congress. Also, watch them try and start racial trouble.
Rep. Pelosi calls for investigation of WTC mosque opposition 08/18/10 This is the Hard Left Fascists in action. They are not even trying anymore to hide their Fascism. It is out in the open for all to see.
“There is no question there is a concerted effort to make this a political issue by some. And I join those who have called for looking into how is this opposition to the mosque being funded,” she said. “How is this being ginned up that here we are talking about Treasure Island, something we’ve been working on for decades, something of great interest to our community as we go forward to an election about the future of our country and two of the first three questions are about a zoning issue in New York City.”
Mosque Developer Rejects Meeting With Paterson 08/18/10 Now the Liberals want to give Muslims state land to build the mosque! This is getting more interesting by the day. The Hard Left is in bed with the Muslims, and it is being manifested for all the American people to see. This is really a blessing as the people can see the Hard Left married to Islam; plus all the horrors of Islam are being exposed for all to see! Through this, the American people are learning about Sharia law!
Teenage Pakistani Christian girls gang raped by Muslim madrassa students 08/18/10 I have posted many articles about the Muslims in Pakistan brutalizing Christians in every way imaginable. I probably posted more articles about Pakistan than any other Muslim country. There are many articles which I do not post simply because there is too many to post about what Muslims are doing to Christians. I post some, so you can keep up with the big picture of what is happening.
***Pakistan on verge of agricultural catastrophe: UN 08/18/10 “While the destruction caused by the flood in terms of loss of human life and property has been devastating, the country is now also faced with the threat of an acute shortage of food that could well plague the country for the next two years.”
Now Pakistan is being totally destroyed by floods with famine on the way. It is possible that millions are going to die. I see a curse on Pakistan from the LORD for their hatred of the Jews and Israel and now for rejecting the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and killing and brutalizing His children. The Muslims have gone too far, and God will only let the brutalizing go so far. It appears that Pakistan is the first Muslim nation to feel the wrath of the Holy God of Israel. The earthquake and Tsunami that hit Indonesia was huge, but the country was not destroyed like what is happening to Pakistan. The time of vengeance is upon the world and God is going to directly deal with Islam. I hope as the LORD breaks Islam that multitudes will turn from Islam to LORD.
Hebrews 10:31 It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.
May the Holy God of Israel bless and protect you.

Israel and the Middle East War  

Despite Reaction, Irish Student IDF Volunteer Would Do it Again 08/17/10 Wow, this is some article and shows how deep the European hatred is for Israel, even in Ireland! May God greatly bless this young woman.

Islam and IslamoFascism/Jihad

Do you know what a dhimmi is?
08/18/10 For understanding Islam, it is important what dhimmi means. Once you understand Dhimmitude, you will never feel the same towards Islam. It strips off the sugar coating of Islam in America and shows what  is REAL Islam that Christians under it suffer so greatly. Please pass this on to everyone you know, so Americans can resist Islam with knowledge.
“Dhimmitude is a condition of subservience granted to “people of the book” (POB) (Christians and Jews) who are conquered by Muslim armies. The POB are required to sign a contract by which they may continue to draw breath in their own conquered homeland.”
The following are a few of the conditions Christians live under with Islam. This is what they are now facing in Pakistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, etc. I post what is happening to them almost daily on this blog. As America turns from the Holy God of Israel, Islam is trying to fill the void.

1. Dhimmis live in a second class condition within the society they inhabit.

2. Dhimmis are not allowed to vote or hold public office.
3. Dhimmis must pay a steep tax, called the Jihza, and do so under humiliating conditions: they must pay the tax in person where they are either spit on or slapped. The tax is a heavy financial burden, but if you can’t pay it, you’re dead. Some dhimmis who couldn’t pay were forced to turn over their children as payment. The children were then raised as Muslims.
4. Dhimmis must dress differently than Muslims, e.g. with broad cloth belts, shoes of different color on opposite feet, or no shoes at all, and must shear their forelocks (the front part of their hair) so their dhimmi status is obvious.
6. Dhimmis must give up their seat in any public place if a Muslim wishes to sit.
7. Dhimmis cannot build a house that is higher than Muslim houses in his neighborhood. (This one is very important as it carries over to mosques. Mosques are to be larger, higher, etc., than churches. Mosques are signs of conquering the Dhimmi. This is why they want to build the mosque at Ground Zero! It is a sign to all Muslims they have defeated America)
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Daily Digest: August 17, 2010

Verse of the Day
Zechariah 12:6 In that day will I make the governors of Judah like an hearth of fire among the wood, and like a torch of fire in a sheaf; and they shall devour all the people round about, on the right hand and on the left: and Jerusalem shall be inhabited again in her own place, even in Jerusalem.


Iran: Bushehr reactor to be activated mid September 08/14/10 “Iran said on Saturday that the nuclear reactor in Bushehr will be activated on September 16 despite Russia’s announcement that it will be launched next week.”
***Israel’s Crunch Time 08/17/10″Sunni Arab regimes traditionally hostile to Israel have embraced the Jewish state as the only one able and willing to save them from a nuclear Iran and are silently supporting a potential campaign. The blunt statement by the ambassador from the United Arab Emirates that his country would support military action against Iran if necessary is an indication that the anti-Iran Arab bloc feels the window is closing. The Saudis, who have reportedly offered Israel its airspace to carry out a strike, have simulated the turning down of its defenses in such an event.”
Every day that goes by now is more and more dangerous. Iran knows that there is a very high probability that Israel will attack. It is possible that Iran might trigger a preemptive strike against Israel by using Hezbollah. This terrorist organization could unleash a tremendous amount of missiles against Israeli airfields and cripple the air force. This would give Iran and Syria the time needed to mobilize for the war. If they can catch Israel’s air force on the ground, they can immediately turn the war in their favor.
Israel is aware of this. There are reports of Israeli plans in Saudi Arabia and now in Greece and other European countries. I could not understand what Israeli war planes were doing in Greece, but it fits they are there for protection. Israel has grown very close to Greece since the confrontation with Turkey. Greece and Turkey are long time bitter enemies, and Greece welcomes support from Israel. Events are so fluid now, that things are changing daily. I can hardly write on anything else as events are developing so rapidly with Israel.
God has prepared Israel for the coming battle. They are going to be a terror to the surrounding nations. The map of the Middle East is about to radically change. The back of Islam is about to be broken. God will begin to bring down allah. I believe a multitude of Muslims will turn to the Lord Jesus as their Savior after this war. Islam is about to feel and see the authority of the Bible.
May the Holy God of Israel bless and protect you.
Zechariah 2:8 For thus saith the LORD of hosts; After the glory hath he sent me unto the nations which spoiled you: for he that toucheth you toucheth the apple of his eye. 

Israel and the Middle East War

Obama Denies Turkey Warning Report 08/17/10 I found the original report that Obama warned Turkey hard to believe. This sounds right in view of what Obama is.
New Flotilla to Challenge IDF Off Gaza Coast 08/16/10 “Former British MP and longtime anti-Israel activist George Galloway has announced that a new international flotilla from Britain, Morocco and Qatar will set sail for Gaza on September 18 with the aim of breaking Israel’s naval blockade on Hamas.”

Iran says to unveil array of weapons next week 08/17/10

Islam and IslamoFascism/Jihad

It appears that the attempt to build the mosque at Ground Zero is a blessing. It  has awakened so many to what
Islam really is. It has exposed the Hard Left for what it is and it has jelled the American people against the Hard Left and Islam. The more people that learn about Sharia law and the horrors of Islam, the better we are as a nation. If only the pastors and church leaders would stand up and lead the church! 
Abortion, Homosexuality/HomoFascism
Court halts Calif. gay marriages pending appeal 08/16/10 The hearing will be in December. The homosexuals will not be “marrying” this week in California.
College presidents to advocate ‘gay’ agenda 08/17/10 This is part of reprobates being manifested by God. There will be many more like this. The rebellion against the LORD is really picking up speed. The “homosexual marriage” decision will energize them.

Prop 8 Ruling Could Criminalize Christianity, Leaders Warn 08/16/10

Floods, Famines and Fires, Etc.
In a few short weeks, Pakistan has been destroyed. How is this nation ever going to recover from this? There is not enough money in the world to rebuild this nation. Food is becoming scarce. These events have to the potential to kill millions. Shortly, there are more disasters coming like this that will bring entire nations to its knees.
Russia tycoon orders all his employees to find God and get married after fires 08/15/10 He is real close as all he has to do is add interfering with God’s plan for Israel.
Russia Still Fighting Country’s Worst Wildfires 08/17/10

Pakistani Floods: Worse Disaster Yet to Unfold 08/16/10

Reports of looting, violence surface in flood-ravaged Pakistan 08/17/10 This is a picture of what is soon going to hit on a world-wide scale.
Revelation 1:5-7 And from Jesus Christ, who is the faithful witness, and the first begotten of the dead, and the prince of the kings of the earth. Unto him that loved us, and washed us from our sins in his own blood, And hath made us kings and priests unto God and his Father; to him be glory and dominion for ever and ever. Amen. Behold, he cometh with clouds; and every eye shall see him, and they also which pierced him: and all kindreds of the earth shall wail because of him. Even so, Amen.
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America and the Ordinances of the Ammorites

Jude 1:7 
Even as Sodom and Gomorrha, and the cities about them in like manner,  giving themselves over to fornication, and going after strange flesh,  are set forth for an example, suffering the vengeance of eternal fire. 
Homosexuality vs. God’s Holiness 
“Homosexual marriage” is now on the front burner as it was just legalized by a federal judge. The Bible refers to this action as creating an Ordinance of the Ammorites. It is the creation of such an ordinance that brings God’s judgment on a nation. Homosexual marriage is about the most offensive ordinance a nation can create because God created the institution of marriage solely between a man and a woman. The family unit is God’s foundation of dealing with man.
The Holy God of Israel does not judge a nation for the homosexual act or any other sexual act outside of marriage. He judges when these acts are made legal or become a custom. The United States just created an Ordinance of the Ammorites that brings God’s judgment on that nation. America’s cup of iniquity is now full.
I have a teaching called Homosexuality vs. God’s Holiness. In this teaching, I go into detail about the Ordinances of the Ammorites and how it triggers God’s judgment. Please read this article as it gives you the background of what America now faces for creating “homosexual marriage.”

The following is an excerpt from my book God’s Final Warning to America. This book is now out of print. This event is what I believed started God’s warning judgments to America. It is now 23 years and the warning have been ignored. The homosexual agenda progressed from marches in 1987 to homosexual marriage in 2010. The cup of iniquity is now full. The economy is once again reeling as it was in 1987. This September/October might see another meltdown like 1987 and 2008 only far worse to the point of no economic return.  
October 1987

On October 19, 1987, the stock market dropped over 500 points for the greatest one-day crash in history. The crash resulted in a one-day drop of 22.6 percent in the market and a loss of over $500 billion. By comparison, the crash on October 28, 1929, which was attributed as the start of the Great Depression, was only 12.6 percent. The effect of the 1987 crash was felt well into the 1990s. The U.S. economy was increasing at a six percent rate during October 1987, but as a direct result of the crash it contracted to a negative four percent by 1990.
Just eight days before the stock market crash on October 11, 1987, probably the largest gathering of homosexuals in world history up to this time took place in Washington, D.C. The newspapers reported that over 200,000 people marched past the White House and gathered near the Capitol. Some reports claimed the marchers numbered 500,000. The homosexuals were marching to end discrimination and increase funding for AIDS research. The newspapers reported the crowd carried signs stating, “Thank God I’m Gay,” and “Condoms, Not Condemnation.” Others were saying, “I’m gay and I’m proud.” Has there ever been a time in history when such a huge group of homosexuals gathered in a nation’s capital to demand their rights?
God answered this march, just eight days later, with the greatest stock market crash in U.S. history. In fact, the week immediately following the homosexual march, the stock market dropped 235 points. For the eight days immediately following the march, the stock market dropped 735 points for a loss of 32.1 percent! 
October 1987 marked the high-water mark for the U.S. economy as it was growing at over six percent. After the crash, the economy began to contract until it hit a low of negative four percent growth in the fall of 1990. The economy contracted 10 percent in just three years! With the size of the economy, this resulted in the loss of hundreds of billions of dollars. As late as August 1992, the newspapers reported 20 percent of the stocks had not recovered from the crash. The recession of 1991 and 1992 can be traced primarily to the crash of 1987. Many American firms downsized after the crash and hundreds of thousands of jobs were lost. This crash had a powerful impact on the economy. The downsizing of corporations continued into the late 1990s. The crash permanently changed the face of corporate America.
God shook America with a powerful economic warning. On October 19, 1987, America had an economic “heart attack!” This “heart attack” happened just eight days after the massive homosexual rally! The crash of 1987 did not result in a 1930s-type depression. America survived the crash, but continued to amass huge amounts of debt. America went into huge amounts of debt to keep the economy from a depression. By the late 1990s, the federal government was over $5.1 trillion in debt. The combined debt of all levels of government—plus corporations and individuals—totals over $11 trillion and is growing fast. This debt could prove to be a burden from which the nation can not escape. (This is exactly what happened 23 years later!!! The cup of iniquity is now full and economic judgment is on the way.)
The homosexuals marched in the nation’s capital, and the entire country was shaken through the stock market crash. The largest gathering of homosexuals in history was immediately followed by one of the greatest stock market crashes in history. This timing of these events was no coincidence! 
America continues in many ways to promote and encourage the homosexual lifestyle. The surest and quickest way to touch the entire nation is through the economy and especially the stock market. God has clearly warned America about the promotion of open homosexuality. The next stock market crash of this magnitude could devastate the economy and completely alter America forever. (I believe we are now looking at the next crash that I wrote about 23 years ago. It is coming at the exact time of “homosexual marriage.”)
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Daily Digest: August 15, 2010

Verse of the Day 
Daniel 12:9,10 And he said, Go thy way, Daniel: for the words are closed up and sealed till the time of the end. (10) Many shall be purified, and made white, and tried; but the wicked shall do wickedly: and none of the wicked shall understand; but the wise shall understand.


This coming week could be dramatic. On August 18, the homosexuals will start ‘marrying” in California. Then on Friday, Russia will supply Iran with the fuel to start its nuclear reactor. The LORD is not going to tolerate “homosexual marriage” so something has to happen. Will Israel move against Iran this week or will Russia hold back on the delivery? The promotion of “homosexual marriage” shows that time is very short for America.
Hindenburg Omen’ Suggests Slump in Stocks: Technical Analysis 08/13/10 “The indicator may suggest “a savage equity downturn is imminent,” said Albert Edwards, a London-based strategist at Societe Generale SA, who has told investors to favor bonds over stocks for more than a decade. “Equities are tottering on the edge as increasingly recessionary data becomes apparent. It would not take much to tip them over that edge.” The Hindenburg Omen Indicates Stock Market Crash is Coming
The Hindenburg Omen is a situation with the stock market indicators predicting that a crash is eminent. It occurs when the market is volatile, and in the past was a very accurate gauge that the market was in deep trouble. Actually, this occurred twice last week on Wednesday and Thursday. The reason this is so important is on August 12, the federal judge ruled that “sodomite marriage” could begin on August 18. Right in the midst of court ruling promoting homosexual marriage, one of the key indicators of an pending stock market meltdown occurred. 
It appears that this September/October might be just like September/October 2008 when the market melt down in the biggest crash in history. Are we heading for round two of the crash? I think so because of the curse on the nation that “homosexual marriage” brings from the Holy God of Israel. America one way or another is heading into poverty. 
Largest Nuclear Explosion Ever (Video) This is about the Russians setting off the largest nuclear explosion. It was called the “Tsar bomb” and was 50 mega tons of explosives. The Middle East might be looking at nuclear war, and this video shows just how terrifying it is going to be.
The Prophet Daniel said that, just before the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus, the wise would understand what was happening. Notice he also said the wicked would get worse right up until the end. There is no end to the wickedness of man. Homosexual marriage has to be near the top of list of wickedness. The world economy is melting down while war in the Middle East is very close. Those that are anchored in the Bible and believe the prophetic word, understand what is happening. Events seem to be accelerating towards the Day of LORD. Our hope is in the Blessed Hope, the Lord Jesus coming for His church. No matter what happens in the world, stay anchored to the Blessed Hope. May the Holy God of Israel bless and protect you.
Titus 2:13 Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ;

Israel and the Middle East War 

‘End Israel’s nuclear secrecy’ 08/14/10

Washington Grocery Company Boycotts Israeli Products 08/14/10 This is the mindless Hard Left in action. There are lots like these. As time goes on, there will be more actions like this against Israel.
Hard Left in America  

Destroying Us From Within 08/11/10
Why God is great 08/12/10

Kneeling Before Holy Jihad 08/13/10 This is an interesting article about the Christian apostates before Islam.
ELCA Reports Biggest-Ever Drop in Membership
08/11/10 The Hard Left churches are melting away and soon with be left with only those in rebellion against the LORD.
Islam and IslamoFascism

Newsweek columnist says US funding mosque construction 08/11/10

Copts Seek Hate Speech Warrant Against Al-Azhar Authority 08/14/10 This is an excellent article about the Coptic Christians fighting back against Islam. I have posted many articles about what the Muslims do to Christians in Egypt. The mainstream press never reports on this. The Christians in Egypt live in terror of the Muslims.
JI crown prince Abdul Rohim sees violent jihad as inevitable 08/11/10 The Muslims are not even trying to hide the Jihad against unbelievers.
Floods, Famines and Fires, Etc. 
 ***Russia Burns (Radiation Alert) 08/13/10 This is a lengthy article, but it gives the big picture of what is happening to Russia. It appears that the LORD is in the process of bringing this nation to its knees. Russia has bullied Israel and is behind Iran: now the LORD is stepping in to break the back of this nation. Russia is heading toward a famine.
Pakistan flood crisis raises fears of country’s collapse 08/13/10 Pakistan is also being brought to its knees. This could set the stage for the Taliban types to take over the country. Two extremely anti Israel countries are being brought down in a matter of a few weeks.
“Gilani said 20 million people were now homeless and called on Pakistanis to rise to the occasion, amid growing fears of social unrest or even a military takeover following the government’s shambolic response to the floods.”
Jude 1:24,25 Now unto him that is able to keep you from falling, and to present you faultless before the presence of his glory with exceeding joy, To the only wise God our Saviour, be glory and majesty, dominion and power, both now and for ever. Amen.
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