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CNN, MSNBC cast Trump voters as Nazis, rapists

I continually warn about this Hard Left rhetoric. They can’t stop President Trump and his agenda, so now they focus on his supporters. These people are delusional and full of hatred which makes them very dangerous. They first demonize people before moving to violence. This is the stage they are now at on the cusp of demonizing to violence.

Protesters Outside Detainment Facility Injure Border Patrol Agent

It feels like war is in the “air”. The Democrats are now using immigration and illegal aliens as weapons against the federal government and the American people.
With all this pressure building, the possibility of bloodshed is increasing every day. I have been warning for a long time just how dangerous the Hard Left reprobates are, and they are freely operating in the Democrat Party.

Rush Limbaugh Warns: ‘If the Media Keeps Generating This Hysteria, Somebody’s Gonna Get Killed

The social condition in America is now very serious. The Hard Left is literally doing everything possible to destroy President Trump. They loath and despise him which has resulted in a collective mind meltdown. They are very dangerous people and the media is ginning up the Leftist against the President and the government. Limbaugh is correct, the nation is on the edge of bloodshed.