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DRAINING THE SWAMP: Diplomats Sound Alarms – They Are Pushed Out in Droves

I rejoiced when reading this article, even though it is from the NY Times. If the NY Times is against it, then most likely I’m for it. What is such a cause for rejoicing is that Secretary Tillerson is firing droves of Hard Left ideologues in the Department of State. This Department is loaded with America haters and New World Order believers. They protected Hillary and all of her crimes. These people are against Israel and are trying to block President Trump’s foreign agenda.


Flakka, drug that makes people bark and strip, wreaks havoc in Midwest, South

A new drug has become an epidemic in Florida and is moving into the Midwest. But a variety of new street drugs have become available in recent years, and most recently flakka is the synthetic drug which creates this behavior for real in users. It is endemic in Florida and now the Midwest is being overtaken.


Giant scorpion robots and uploading consciousness: welcome to a strange new world

We’re moving into a strange world. Students busy themselves making giant, robotic scorpions, transgender partners seek to keep their loved ones alive after death through cyborg or android bodies with uploaded consciousness, and billionaires plan for implanting their human essence into holograms or other forms in order to gain immortality.
Will any of these “innovations” lead to or become the Image of the Beast? Possibly, though it’s still a bit early to tell exactly what form that will take. Technology is changing so rapidly that we can barely keep up. One thing is certain though; it won’t be human in any way that we’ve understood in the past.