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Iranian commander: We can destroy Israel ‘in under 8 minutes’

Iran and the rest of the terrorist groups are continuing with the rhetoric to destroy Israel. From the Bible, we know the attack is coming and that it will result in the destruction of Islam and of many Muslim nations surrounding Israel.
In the meantime, we grow closer to the Lord each day and remain a faithful witness for him. We need to stay focused at all times on the Blessed Hope, which is Jesus Christ, the Groom, coming for his bride, the church.


Debt debate turns America into a laughing stock: China mocks default limit ‘monkey business’ as it depicts the U.S. as a beggar

The curses of God are now all falling on America. The nation is religiously, morally, politically and economically bankrupt. It is no coincidence that the church is powerless, America has killed 60 million babies, “marrying” homosexuals and $17 trillion in debt. It all goes together to show how corrupt the nation is.