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FBI launches new Clinton Crime Cartel investigation

This is more wonderful news about this crime cartel. So many angles are now opening to get at the Clinton Crime Cartel! It is like the “windows of heaven” are opening. The big problem is can we trust the FBI? The agency is still peppered with agents like Comey and McCabe, so there is a problem of getting a legitimate investigation.


Could The Coming Eclipse of 08/21 be a Warning From the Lord?

For the first time in exactly 100 years, a full solar eclipse will travel across the entire United States. It will start off the coast of Oregon and then exit out through South Carolina.
I have posted some about this, but not much. But, because of the timing of events, I believe that this eclipse could be a direct warning from the Lord.


Facebook shuts down AI robots after they invent their own language

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is well known in a general sense to most people through science fiction movies. But what is it really, and how does it work? Does an artificially intelligent computer or robot mean that it is sentient, that is, aware of itself? If not, what’s the difference between artificial intelligence and self-awareness? AI is all the rage; large corporations are pouring billions into creating computers and robots that can recognize patterns and think for themselves.
Bible prophecy talks about a “Beast” system where everyone is controlled, where they are unable to buy, sell, or participate in economic or social life without being part of that system. While people have been looking at RFID chips and other technology which is becoming commonplace, the agenda has moved ahead with lightning speed. Yet very few have any idea how far it has advanced – and where it really is going, even though it is almost here. The Beast System may be on the doorstep, but Christ surely is at the door.


Politically correct madness: Being human is so last year, the next frontier is trans-speciesism

With all of the talk about transgenderism, postgenderism, transhumanism and related areas which we’ve addressed in this blog, there’s now a new frontier being explored, in the minds of the politically correct at least, if not in science. That frontier is trans-speciesism. In reality, science is probing that line, under the term chimeras. But what we’re talking about is the belief that one is another species, just as one can believe he is another gender or race, or any of the other myriad ideas we’ve seen discussed as sane in the media recently.
It seems that with the rush to embrace the unusual or downright insane, most people are being cowed into going along, rather than standing up for common sense and biblical values. When there’s no longer an objective standard, then mankind relies on its subjective madness.


Transgenderism, Androgyny and Occult Godhood

Anyone with eyes to see is aware of the gay/transgender agenda that’s being pushed on us. According to a recent Center for Disease Control (CDC) study, only a little over 1.5 percent of the American population is homosexual. An even tinier percent is transgender. Yet the entire culture is being turned on its collective head in an effort not just to accept this dysfunction, but to force everyone to celebrate it, whether they agree with it or not. Why is this being pushed so heavily? And what is happening to those who choose not to go along with this new morality? It’s apparent that there is an agenda which is being driven by both elites and media, and the population is being subdued so that there will be no dissent. It doesn’t have anything to do with tolerance; it’s because the satanic elite who are driving so much change see androgyny as the ultimate state of being. According to occultists, only gender-neutrals can rise to godhood. The fallen angels they worship are seen as androgynous, and this is driving their personal agendas. But on another level, there are plans to undermine traditional Judeo-Christian morality, and to destroy the family and the social structure which requires strong families. In order to bring about a new paradigm, a one-world government and pagan religious structure, its first necessary to do away with any sense of traditional values.


Human-animal chimera are here, on US research farms

Although it’s been a hot topic in the last few years, with China creating genetically modified embryos, three-parent babies on the British horizon, and three-parent babies actually being born in the US in July 2015, as expected, now science is moving beyond this into the creation of human-animal chimeras. All of this has sparked some strange debates, with those who should know better taking positions that can only be regarded as ominous. But also notice how that regardless of any dispute over the morality or ethics involved, such research is proceeding at breakneck speed. While publicly it’s reported that such chimeras are being destroyed while still in the embryonic stage, what’s really happening in labs across the world that we aren’t being told about? And how long will it be before we’re confronted with creatures that are half-human, half-animal?