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Crowley Satanism and Black Magic in the Music Industry

Satanism is now out in the open. What is very interesting about Jay-Z is that his particular satanism is that of Aleister Crowley. Lady Gaga and John Podesta, tied to Hillary, and many others are also followers of Crowley. Paganism will be the coming religion of the antichrist system; it’s becoming more obvious by the day. Check out some of the posts on Tomorrowworld and Tomorrowland or in the Media category on the 666 Surveillance System blog from last year if you’re not convinced.
Aleister Crowley is one of the most evil men who ever lived. He died in 1947, but his evil still lives on through Hollywood and the DC swamp. (Editor’s note – For much more information on Crowley and his influence on particular musicians, both past and present, please see my article on Aleister Crowley and his pervasive influence on culture, especially the music industry through his use of black magic and his promotion of the occult, at: The Androgynous, Occult Age of Aleister Crowley: How Deep is the Rabbit Hole and How Did it Begin?


The New Reality: Updates on CERN, the Mark, rituals and other topics

Over the last year we’ve covered some incredibly powerful topics which are leading us into a new reality. But events connected with these topics haven’t ceased; they’ve continued to forge ahead, and it’s time to update a few of them to show you how much farther they’ve gone since we last reported on them. As we’ve often said, although much of this sounds like science fiction, it isn’t – this is the new reality that we could overlook if we’re not watching closely and carefully, because it comes on us so gradually that it seems normal. But when we step back and look at the big picture, we can get a clear view of the agenda behind all of this technology and the social change which we’re being programmed to accept. It all is designed to lead us to a new reality which is based on an old deception, that man can be as gods.