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Flakka, drug that makes people bark and strip, wreaks havoc in Midwest, South

The verse of the day refers to David feigning madness when he was confronted by King Achish, in order to save his own life. A new drug has become an epidemic in Florida and is moving into the Midwest. But a variety of new street drugs have become available in recent years, and most recently flakka is the synthetic drug which creates this behavior for real in users. It is endemic in Florida and now the Midwest is being overtaken. At a cost of only $3 to $5 it is within reach of virtually anyone who wants an extreme high – and that’s what it causes. It is more dangerous than either cocaine or methamphetamine and is deadly. So far 63 people have died and for those who have survived, kidney failure and permanent neurological damage can result, among other things.
Why would people put their mental health and lives at stake for a short high that leads them to behavior such as barking or running down the street naked, paranoid and delusional? It’s hard to understand for those of us not afflicted with such a severe need to escape reality. Part of it is self-medication, though even then, there surely are better ways to do something like that. But the only real answer for such pain is Jesus Christ, who can heal us of the need for this escapism. Only He can heal broken hearts, give us a new outlook on life, and a reason to live for something worthwhile, for his kingdom. It doesn’t always happen instantaneously, but it does happen if we turn to Him with our problems and pain, instead of seeking to escape them through satan’s means because these only lead to further suffering and destruction of lives.


Facebook shuts down AI robots after they invent their own language

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is well known in a general sense to most people through science fiction movies. But what is it really, and how does it work? Does an artificially intelligent computer or robot mean that it is sentient, that is, aware of itself? If not, what’s the difference between artificial intelligence and self-awareness? AI is all the rage; large corporations are pouring billions into creating computers and robots that can recognize patterns and think for themselves.
Bible prophecy talks about a “Beast” system where everyone is controlled, where they are unable to buy, sell, or participate in economic or social life without being part of that system. While people have been looking at RFID chips and other technology which is becoming commonplace, the agenda has moved ahead with lightning speed. Yet very few have any idea how far it has advanced – and where it really is going, even though it is almost here. The Beast System may be on the doorstep, but Christ surely is at the door.


North Korea says 2nd ICBM test puts ‘entire’ US in range

It appears that now Chicago is coming within reach of North Korean missiles. The question is, can these missiles carry a nuclear warhead? Can we make it to the end of the year without war with NK?
It seems that right now anything could trigger WW3. There is no doubt that China is going to join the war in support of NK.


Bill to create panel that could remove Trump from office quietly picks up Democratic support

I have been reporting that the Dems would try this. They have numerous Hard Left psychiatrists ready to state that the President is not mentally fit for office. This is really dangerous for the country, and I think that it is a clear case of trying to create a coup to overthrow the elected government of the United States.


ANOTHER CASE OF CLINTON ARKANCIDE? Seth Rich, slain DNC staffer, had contact with WikiLeaks,

The Clinton record of having people who are connected to their political corruption dying all around them continues. Is this just a coincidence or was this man murdered by Hillary because of his connection with Wikileaks?
I highly recommend that you read this article because it is the best I’ve read laying out the details of the murder and failure of the police to investigate. Another thought: Was it Seth Rich and not “the Russians” who broke into the DNC and took all of those emails? This could turn the Democrat’s Russian narrative upside down!


Calls Grow to Use National Guard to Protect Coulter, Free Speech at Berkeley

The President really needs to do this or people are going to get hurt. These thugs need to be confronted with force to make them pay the price for the rioting. The actions of the Hard Left Fascists on campuses are now reaching the red zone. If they are not stopped, this rioting and violence will end up at the doors of the Church. In the end, they hate everything we stand for, so if left unchecked they will head to the Church.