God's Final Warning to America; Homosexuality

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  1. Dan.w says:

    Once the lid is opened,its imposible to put pandora back in the box.We are on a fastrack one way trip to judgementsville.America has sown to the wind.The rapture is so close..Its got to be,for the judgement,[which WE are not appointed to],is even at the doors.I realize Ninevah repented,and I’m not saying anything is imposible with God,but where we are prophetically,all the stage is set,actors in their places,lines rehearsed.Everything the Bible declares is happening in the correct order.We ARE that generation who may not taste of death.The Bible is absolutely true,Christ cannot lie,we must draw close to Him and seek His face and prepare.He call us all who believe Him,priests and kings.Lets live up to the calling with which He has called us.God can use us,if we are surrendered to Him.God Bless all you fellow believers .Dan.w

  2. Jay says:

    JP Morgan losing $2B in one day is related as well.
    They’re one of the banks propping up this failed economy. This will draw attention to them and once cracks start to show, it will accelerate a collapse.

    This is also a headline right now on Drudge:

  3. Cynthia says:

    Jay I have had this sub-tropical storm on my mind today, especially in light of Brother John’s teachings, this bears watching….

  4. Cynthia says:

    Drudge has just posted the next cover of Newsweek magazine, a pic of obama with a rainbow halo over his head and the headline “The First Gay President”: