Hard Left in the US Military (Part 1)

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  1. cookielady says:

    Were it not for the Blessed Hope, this would be seriously frightening information. Thank you for your continued efforts to sound the alarm.

  2. Dan .w says:

    These articles go hand in hand with what I’ve said in past posts.We are in a spiritual battle.Peoples own governments are the ones who kill more of their own citizens,[on their own soil],i.e. abortion,political hits,ect,than die in wars on foreign soil..our country included.Any religion is tolerated except,true Christianity,which of course is not religion,but a belief system based on a person..Jesus.Satan hates God,and God’s people,and will marginalize them any way he can.He,[Satan],has his lackeys,who do his bidding because they are blinded from the truth.They point to the sheep and say,theres trouble,while they,[the wolves],have their way.I love Psalm 2…It describes what God has planned for the righteous,and for the unrighteous…It’s written as if its today…Christ has HIS way….count on it. Dan.w

  3. Jay says:

    Note how he also demonizes local law enforcement in that hypothetical 2016 scenario, likely because many of them are Oath Keepers (the type who would refuse any unConstitutional order such as disarming law-abiding citizens).

  4. I recently viewed a piece written by Joel Gilbert, Dreams From My Real Father. If this information is accurate (does anyone know here?), then we have a true communist as a leader and many are in agreement with this form of government. It is only through hope in our Lord and Savior that one can not faint in total fear for our blessed country. It goes along with how these ultra power groups think: over concern about one group that doesn’t hold their beliefs (tea party) and demonizing this group, while not giving attention to the real threat of other groups (Occupy Wall Street, to name just one). The OWS group is violent, yet no worries about keeping them in check with this military personnel mindset. Focus: Jeremiah 32:17-19 Love your work, John! Reading your blog daily.

  5. Keith O. says:

    Another 750 million rounds of various ammo-lots of .223 this time. This is going to be a bloodbath. The stuff we watch in Syria on the nightly news coming to America? Keep focused on the Lord. Seek Him early and often.

  6. Mark says:

    I worked across the hall from this guy at Leavenworth. It doesn’t surprise me. That office has a bunch of Ph D liberal types working in it. As a recent former member of the military, I can tell you this, the higher-ups will be surprised if they try to turn the military on the people. I know a lot of military personnel ( mostly older soldiers) who will turn against them and fight for the people and the Constitution, not for the Commanders and current Commander in Chief.

  7. Todd says:

    Just was reading these two articles before coming to John’s blog today, goes right along with it:


    Here is a great comment from the top one,
    “Americans can no longer depend on the integrity of their military. At one time, when I was an Air Force captain, flag officers were held to the very highest standards of moral conduct. This is obviously no longer true. It’s not enough for the Left to fiscally gut our armed forces, they must humiliate its members by promoting open sexual perverts to its highest ranks. Yes. I said that. Perverts. Homosexuals are perverts.”


  8. Dan .w says:

    All of us reading these blogs knows we are on the precipice of something really huge.Remember when Jesus said that a man cannot serve two masters.He was talking about God or mammon,[money].Notice,in every society when someone wants either to come to power,or wants more power,they promise more money,jobs,wealth,ect.This rallying cry has been heard before,i.e. Hitler…He DID create jobs,stimulate the economy,brought to the fore a sense of national pride,even helped produce a really neat car,[the V.W.],but he was an occultist of the first order,not unlike alot of masonic presidents we’ve had.People cling to [their] money,like it was their lifes air.I believe Jesus was really trying to impart to us a spiritual lesson,giving us not only metaphors,but real tangible examples to help us in these last days.To some people,money IS their god.Lets not let it be our driving force.Lets continue with our only hope,Jesus….It really is later than we think.

  9. Keith O. says:

    John, Since when did NOAA start using guns and purchasing ammo? Is this normal for this federal agency?

  10. Tom Ulrich says:

    One of the first things a dictator accomplishes after his coup is liquidation of counter-revolutionary forces. This secures his place in government.

    The second thing he sets to do is liquidation of those forces, security organs, and NGOs that brought him to power – and the establishment of a new security force totally loyal to him.

  11. Rosalee says:

    Satan is alive and well on planet Earth and has now even reached into our military which should be defending our rights, not destroying them.
    I fear for our nation if Obama is re-elected
    So many blind out there who have indicated they will once again vote for him.

  12. skip says:

    Mark #6 you are so right. That will be the sign the revolution has started. That is the only way we can win. Without them, and the equipment they will come with, we would have only a slim chance of winning.There are many good military people and police that will aid us in the fight against the evil ones. Already they are doing things hoping to slow down and or stop the dreaded day, as we should be doing also.

  13. Douglas says:

    I hope Mark is correct that the lower ranking soldiers will be in the side of the average civilian. I retired from the military in 2000. It was already turning liberal at the enlisted lead ship schools.

    During the French revolution, this is exactly what happened to allow the people to rise up. The ordinary soldier would not turn their bayonets on the citizens. Of course the French revolution went very bad though.

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