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Ezekiel 33:11 Say unto them, As I live, saith the Lord GOD, I have no pleasure in the death of the wicked; but that the wicked turn from his way and live: turn ye, turn ye from your evil ways; for why will ye die, O house of Israel?

To the homosexuals and their supporters who contacted me

I am overwhelmed with the response to my blog post about Hurricane Sandy and homosexual “marriage”. I spent most of day with radio interviews and answering emails and comments. The response was so great that I simply cannot get to everyone right now. I will not respond to emails that are vile and vulgar.

What I want everyone to know is that this blog does not focus on homosexuality, although I do report on it. The main focus is Israel and the Middle East. I report on homosexuality as I become aware of events that can lead to God’s judgment on America.

Through the years I have seen the correlation of homosexual events and natural disasters hitting at the same time. Gay Pride Day, June 28, 1992 is a perfect example. The morning of this event two powerful earthquakes rocked Southern California. One was the Landers Quake which was 7.4 magnitude and was the most powerful in the world that year. The second was the Big Bear which was 6.5. Los Angeles was rocked as the parade was getting ready to start!

Two others are Hurricanes Katrina and Isaac. They hit New Orleans exactly seven years apart during the week of the homosexual event called Southern Decadence. Hurricane Katrina was the most costly disaster but it may be surpassed by Hurricane Sandy. These are but a few of the correlations connecting abortion and homosexuality to disasters.

Obama endorses same-sex marriage initiatives in three states 10/25/12

“President Barack Obama on Thursday endorsed state ballot initiatives to legalize same-sex marriage in Washington state, Maryland and Maine as he sought to galvanize gay and lesbian enthusiasm for his re-election bid. Statements issued by the Obama campaign in those three states urging voters to approve the gay-marriage measures on their respective November 6 ballots came five months after Obama became the first U.S. president to express support for the right of same-sex couples to wed.

The state goes on to explicitly urge a yes vote for Washington state Referendum 74, which would allow same-sex couples to marry. Nearly identical endorsement statements were issued in support of similar initiatives on the November 6 ballot in Maine and Maryland.”

What happened with Hurricane Sandy was the media was covering the election and right as Sandy was heading towards the East Coast was a story about President Obama campaigning for homosexual ‘marriage”! This was not a national issue but a local issue for Washington, Maryland and Maine. There were referendums against it, and the president was campaigning for it! It was so important to him that he was campaigning for it locally. It is not only the president but also it is part of the Democratic Platform! The very next story was about Hurricane Sandy being so dangerous and heading towards America. I could not miss this, as it was laid out before me by the news media. This is how it came to be posted on my blog.

What I want all the homosexuals and their supporters to understand is that America is under judgment for more than making homosexuality an ordinance. America is also under judgment for pressuring Israel to divide the land and Jerusalem which is forbidden in the Bible. The judgments for touching Israel started on October 30, 1991.

I have written a book about this called As America Has Done to Israel. Please read it to see all the disasters to hit America for touching Israel. The following is a section of this book which ties the first Perfect Storm to President Bush Sr’s. decision to initiate the Madrid Peace Process to divide the land of Israel and the Perfect Storm destroying his home the same day.

October 30, 1991

The Perfect Storm (The following is an excerpt from the book)


After the Gulf War ended in 1991, President George H. W. Bush began the initiative to start a Middle East Peace plan involving Israel, the Palestinians, and countries surrounding Israel.  The talks began on October 30, 1991, in Madrid, Spain.  On October 30, 1991, President Bush opened the talks with a speech.  In this speech, the President said, “territorial compromise is essential for peace.”

From the very start of the Madrid Peace Process, the President made it very clear that Israel was required to surrender parts of the covenant land for peace.  This surrender was the foundation of this peace process.  The following excerpt of the President’s speech shows this:

“Throughout the Middle East, we seek a stable and enduring settlement. We’ve not defined what this means. Indeed, I make these points with no map showing where the final borders are to be drawn. Nevertheless we believe territorial compromise is essential for peace.” (See centerfold for a picture of President Bush speaking at the Madrid Peace Conference.)

In their opening speeches, the Egyptian, Syrian and Palestinian delegations said that for peace Israel must surrender land.  At the very beginning of these talks, the land of Israel was the key issue.  The Egyptian Foreign Minister, Amr Moussa summarized the Arab position regarding the land of Israel.  He listed and addressed four points and three dealt with the land of Israel.  Jerusalem became the very heart of this conference.  An excerpt of Mr. Moussa’s speech follows:

“Secondly, the West Bank, Gaza and the Golan Heights are occupied territories.

Thirdly, settlements established in territories occupied since 67, including Jerusalem are illegal, and more settlements will foreclose potential progress toward real peace and cast doubts on the credibility of the process itself.

Fourthly, the holy city of Jerusalem has its special status…The occupying power should not exercise monopoly or illegal sovereignty over the holy city. It should not persist in unilateral decisions declared to annex the holy city as this lacks validity or legitimacy.”

On October 30, a powerful storm developed off Nova Scotia.  The storm caught the National Weather Bureau completely by surprise.  It just suddenly developed from unusual weather patterns and unleashed tremendous power.  These weather patterns occur once every 100 years.  The National Weather Service never officially named this storm although it did reach hurricane strength.

This storm was extremely rare, because it traveled for 1,000 miles in an eastward to westward direction.  This was the wrong direction because the weather pattern for the United States is westward to eastward!  Meteorologists called this storm extra – tropical because it did not originate in the tropics, as do most hurricanes.

On October 30, this ferocious storm smashed into New England.  It was a monster hundreds of miles wide.  The National Weather Service later nicknamed this hurricane, “The Perfect Storm.”  Sebastian Junger wrote a best-selling book about this storm, and even a motion picture was made capturing the drama of ships caught in it.  The Perfect Storm was the title of both the book and movie.

Meteorologists described The Perfect Storm as one of the most powerful to ever occur!  It created ocean waves over 100 feet high which were among the highest ever recorded.  The Perfect Storm traveled down the East Coast into the Carolinas doing 100s millions of dollars in damage.  The storm damaged the entire East Coast from Maine to Florida.  Remember, this storm was going the wrong way!  The Perfect Storm caused damage which classified it among powerful hurricanes.

President Bush owns a home along the East Coast in Kennebunkport, Maine.  The Perfect Storm heavily damaged President Bush’s home.  Eyewitnesses said that waves as high as 30 feet rose from the ocean and smashed into the President’s sea front home.  When the President returned from Madrid, he canceled speaking engagements to inspect the damage done to his home. (See centerfold for a picture of President Bush’s home in Kennebunkport.)

This storm hit the President’s home the same day he initiated the Madrid Peace Conference.  What awesome timing for this to happen!  An extremely rare and powerful storm developed in the North Atlantic Ocean and went 1000 miles the wrong way.  The storm then struck the President’s own home, the very day he was opening the Madrid Peace Conference.  The President’s land was touched the very day he attempted to touch the covenant land of Israel!

The front page headlines of the USA Today newspaper on November 1, even had the Madrid conference and The Perfect Storm next to each other!  The newspaper titled one article, “One-on-one peace talks next.”  The article touching it was titled, “East Coast hit hard by rare storm.”

At the very beginning of a peace plan involving Israel, a rare and powerful storm, smashed into the entire East Coast of the United States.  On October 30, 1991, the Lord God of Israel put America on notice.

Revelation 22:20 He which testifieth these things saith, Surely I come quickly. Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus.

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