Verse of The Day
Revelation 22:17 And the Spirit and the bride say, Come. And let him that heareth say, Come. And let him that is athirst come. And whosoever will, let him take the water of life freely.
The information about homosexuality keeps flooding the news sources. Something is going on spiritually as the advancement of the homosexual agenda seems non stop. It is in high gear. It is taking center stage in America and the Western world. In light of all the information that I already posted and current information in this digest, I believe I may have coined a phrase. I am no longer titling the information as Homosexual but Homofascism.
(I never heard this term before, so I think I may have created it. In any event, I am going to use it because it fits this movement.)
Definition of fascism
1 the movement or governmental regime embodying their principles (This exactly what the homofascists are doing!)
2 a : any program for setting up a centralized autocratic national regime with severely nationalistic policies, exercising regimentation of industry, commerce, and finance, rigid censorship, and forcible suppression of opposition. (The Left is using the fascists play book.)
The hard Left in America is a fascist movement just like their grandfathers in the 1920-40s. They are going to use the power of the government to establish their belief system. They have used the freedom of the United States’ Constitution to obtain power and now are using the power of the government to destroy and silence all opposition.
It is very clear that the hard Left throughout the world is using homosexuality to advance suppression of all opposition. They are using the color of the law under the heading of “hate speech” to suppress all opposition. This is not in the future but NOW. The homosexuals are small in number, but it is the hard Left using the courts and corrupt cities like San Francisco to advance this agenda. The bottom line with the hard Left is their hatred for the holy God of Israel. This is full blown rebellion against the LORD!
The hard Left is at war with God; therefore anyone who stands for the LORD is their enemy. They are out to destroy the church because we reflect the LORD’s righteousness. I guess they think if they get rid or suppress us, they do not have to deal with God! Just look at the magnitude of these articles:
Alberta Pastor Fined $7000 and Ordered to Publicly Apologize and Remain Silent on Homosexuality 6/10/8 The Canadian government is telling a pastor what he can preach!
Brazilian President: Opposition to Homosexuality is a “Perverse Disease” 6/10/8 (What do you do with a disease? How about cut it out or kill it. This type of language from the president of a nation is the sure sign trouble is on the way.)
Making Philadelphia safe for homosexual police officers. 6/10/8 (This explains why Philadelphia is evicting the Boy Scouts from the city. It explains why they arrested righteous protesters at homosexual events in the city. The city is now being run by homofascists. The true church is in for troubling times in Philly. If you go along with their agenda and preach a watered down gospel not mentioning the sin of homosexuality and repentance, I guess they will tolerate you for a time. Oh, by the way, do not call abortion murder because that might hurt someones feelings. And, do not say a word about Islam because that will also be a bigoted hate crime.)
I am also going to refer to Islam as Islamofascists. The real Muslims operate under the same mentality as the hard Left’s Homofascists. I hope you can clearly see the two pronged attack that God’s people are now facing in America. In the past the hard Left has used velvet gloves until they are in control: now the gloves are off and they fully intend to use an iron fist against the godly.
Only one thing that can stop this. It is if the LORD intervens and once more sends an outpouring of His holy Spirit. We look to the LORD for our help.
Isaiah 59:19 So shall they fear the name of the LORD from the west, and his glory from the rising of the sun. When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the LORD shall lift up a standard against him.

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