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Half in U.S. Suffer Anxiety and How to be protected from it.

The United States and world economy is heading towards a meltdown. As it heads this way more and more people are going to suffer from depression, anxiety, fear and panic attacks. God’s people will suffer from these miladies, if they are not anchored in the Lord Jesus Christ and the word of God. God has provided the way for protection, but we must follow His way and not the Babylonians who prescribe mind altering drugs like candy.

Subscription and Prayer Night 1

Subscription and Prayer Night

I have received many emails about the loss of automatically receiving my blog posts. What happened was I changed servers, and when I did the subscriptions were lost. What you need to do is re-subscribe. This can be done by scrolling down the right hand side menu until the heading Subscription.


Obama’s Debate and What He Did to Israel!

Obama humiliated Netanyahu on September 27, when he refused to meet with the Prime Minister after his United Nation speech. Exactly seven days later, Obama was humiliated before the entire world. What Obama did to Netanyahu came back on him 10 fold as he was humiliated during the debate with Romney. It appears that God is going to remove Obama and the root cause will be his dealing with Israel.


Xanax and Valium Boost Dementia Risk by 50 Percent

Xanax and Valium Boost Dementia Risk by 50 Percent. No wonder there is such an increase in dementia today. The “Babylonian witch doctors” give out these mind damaging pills like candy. When we rest in Jesus, there is no need for Valium. At the root, this is a spiritual problem with God and this is causing the anxiety.


Syrian Chemical Weapons getting ready for use against Israel?

Right now Iran is pouring troops into Syria. This means that Iran could put its army on the border of Israel. Syria has chemical weapons which could be used during this war. Israel might attack Syria as this situation worsens. Hezbullah is ready to go to war against Israel, so the tension is continuing to mount without letup. Iran wants war with Israel and it appears now to be bringing the war to Israel’s border.


Fluoride Can Kill: Beware of Hidden Sources

“Many medical authorities warn that excess fluoride has been linked to a myriad of health problems including heart ailments, Alzheimer’s, bone disorders, and cancer. But did you know that you can get the mineral from sources besides toothpaste and fluoride-supplemented drinking water? Many products contain fluoride, including tea, wine, soda, infant formula, and foods with soy.


Morsi to UN: End Israeli occupation

Morsi immediately went after Jerusalem! He is Muslim Brotherhood and cannot stand that Israel is in control of Jerusalem. His goal is to create an Islamic caliphate with Jerusalem as the capital. In his speech before the United Nations, he is making it very clear that Egypt is going to focus on Israel and Jerusalem. He did not waste time to focus on Jerusalem as it was elected only three months ago. There is no doubt that he is going to lead Egypt in a war against Israel. He wants Jerusalem. According to Ezekiel 29-31, Egypt does not survive this coming war and is totally destroyed.