Radio Show Tonight: “End Time Bible Prophecy Study”(Special Prayer about America)

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  1. Denise in MI says:

    I’ve kept up with your articles about taking one’s money out of the bank. My question is, what do you do with it then? My husband and I have no choice but direct-deposit; same goes for my mom’s social security. She wants to take out her other money (in CDs) but doesn’t know what to do then. She doesn’t know the 1st thing about buying gold, for example. (Even then, could the gov’t say it’s worthless?) We’ve put aside as much extra food & water as we could with each paycheck. My mom and siblings have not.(My sibs think I’m a little out-there.) Any advice? Thank you in advance.

    • JohnMcTernan says:

      I can’t really recommend anything other than seek the Lord in intense prayer in what to do.
      All this depends on what the world is going to do to Israel during the UN meeting.

  2. Ryan Thomas says:

    Hi saints, Once I was being translated to an unknown location, for an unknown porpoise. I decided to turn my head and try to look back to where I had just been. As soon as I did, I was put back to where I was.
    A little time had passed, of the four people that had been standing near me, three were gone and the other was sitting in a chair with his feet up, sleeping.
    It felt like I was there all alone in the universe, cold and clammy on the inside, weak kneed, and trembling all over, barely able to stand. My head bowed forward, mouth hanging open, I thought I might slump into a pile. Deep remorse, sadness, and sorrow had overtaken me. What had I missed seeing?what had I missed being a part of? How much had I failed my king?
    Slowly The Lord stood me back up straight, renewed my strength like the eagles wings, patted me on the head with kindness, and has showed me many things since then.
    Nothing worldly has a grip on me anymore. I’m looking for that blessed hope with outstretched spiritual arms. Love to all.

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