Obadiah 1:15 

For the day of the LORD is near upon all the heathen: as thou hast done, it shall be done unto thee: thy reward shall return upon thine own head.


The judgment continues unabated on both the United States and world economies. As the American government continues to fund a Palestinian state, which means dividing Israel, the US economy and especially the housing market continues to melt down. There is no stopping this downturn and the economy is plunging towards a depression. The headlines speak for themselves. Since the fall of 2008, how many times have I posted correlations just like this?

My book ties these correlations all together.

Housing Prices Will Plunge 20 Percent More 04/27/12 As Obama touches the land of Israel, the American housing markets continues to melt down. At some point, this has to break the economy.

“Housing prices will drop by a further 20 percent as the downturn gripping the United States deepens, leading economist Gary Shilling says. “Homeowners are losing their abodes to foreclosures; many can’t meet stringent mortgage lending standards; some worry about homeownership responsibilities in the face of job uncertainty; and many people have no desire to buy an asset that continues to fall in price.”

Obama lifts freeze on $192 million aid package to Palestinian Authority04/27/12 He is bent on dividing Israel and Jerusalem by creating a Palestinian state. He has never deviated from this, and if he wins the election it is going to get real ugly for Israel and of course the Holy God of Israel is going to match this attitude with judgment on America.

“The US Congress froze a $192 million aid package to the Palestinian Authority after its president, Mahmoud Abbas, defied US pressure and sought to attain UN endorsement of Palestinian statehood last September. The presidential waiver means that aid can now be delivered. The unilateral statehood gambit was strongly opposed by Israel, which said Abbas was seeking to avoid negotiating the necessary compromises and modalities of statehood with Israel. “

US Economy Grows at Tepid 2.2% Pace; Misses Estimates 04/27/12
AP: US Growth Too Sluggish to Drive Down Unemployment 04/27/12