Proverbs 8:36 

But he that sinneth against me wrongeth his own soul: all they that hate me love death.

Blood Libels from Israel-Hating Students in Florida 04/23/12 Florida Atlantic University actually helped promote the Muslims threaten the Jewish students on campus. Very soon Jewish and Christians will not be safe on these Hard Left infested college campuses. Just look how bold they have become!

“With respect to that last contention at least, Fawzy is telling the truth. The FAU Housing and Residential Life Department not only approved the notices, but provided a department employee as an escort when the anti-Israeli activists posted them on dorm doors and elevators. Initially, Charles Brown, FAU’s Senior Vice President for Student Affairs, contended the university did not condone the fliers. Yet FAU was eventually forced to accept responsibility. “The recent mock eviction postings did not comply with the policies of University Housing and Residential Life or the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership concerning the distribution of printed material,” said a released statement”

European Jewish group fears Israel-Iran backlash 04/18/12 There is absolutely no doubt that when the war begins, the Hard Left will in mass attack the Jews across Europe. God will use this to bring the Jews back to Israel.

Hank Hanegraaff “Bible Answer Man”

Occupy Wall Street conference Tehran 03/05/12 (Video) Notice how the OWS crowd is now against Israel. All the trouble in the world is caused by the Zionists! Obama endorsed this movement. This is the Hard Left married to the Islamists and in bed with them. It did not take long for them to merge. Please pay close attention, that in the video is Hank Hanegraaff! He is now a full blown apostate. He hates Israel and is now 100 percent against the prophetic word. The God of Israel has merged him with the Hard Left and Islam. Just listen to his own words. This is happening to all “Christians” who are against God’s prophetic word. They will be merged with the God-haters and Hanegraaff is a warning to what will happen.

***Infiltrating the Churches: Part 1 04/16/12

American Professors Gather in Tehran for Occupy Wall Street Conference 04/21/12 (Video) It is just amazing in how in such a short time the Hard Left was merged with Islam.

Anti-Zionism from Occupy Wall Street

Occupy Tampa posts anti-Semitic cartoon on Holocaust Day  04/19/12 “The Occupy Tampa movement posted an anti-Semitic cartoon on their Facebook page on Thursday, which coincided with Israel’s Holocaust Remembrance Day. The cartoon, shown below, depicted a Jewish man with a big nose and large beard driving a car with the symbol of the United Nations as the wheel and U.S. President Barack Obama’s head as the stick shift.”

Occupy Crowd Plans to Blockade Golden Gate Bridge on May Day 04/19/12 This is just a warm up for what is coming this summer.

Occupy activists to protest anti-Muslim event at Temple 04/19/12

CA Planned Parenthood Joins Pro-Choice Clergy to Launch ‘40 Days of Prayer’ In Support of Abortion  04/11/12 It is obvious that they are not praying to the Holy God of Israel so it must be to baal and Molech.

Marines fight to protect crosses at Camp Pendleton as atheist groups seek removal 04/12/12