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New Concerns Arise About Mental Health Of College Students 14

New Concerns Arise About Mental Health Of College Students

What is “normal mental health” to the Hard Left reprobate mind? They have no standard to go by but actually make things up, such as seeing transgenderism as normal.
Our youth are breaking down because God has departed from the nation; huge numbers of students come from broken families, they are being taught nonsense and God-hating material in school, they have no morals or values, and all of the hate and lies they are subjected to in colleges infiltrate their spirits!
It is the godless culture which is driving this despair, depression, hopelessness and even suicide. The cure is not more of the Hard Left psychobabble, but rather an outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the nation. As a nation, we are now reaping the poisonous fruit of the reprobate mind on our children. Our mind was not designed by God to be subjected to the indoctrination of the Hard Left lies, because it is poison and leads to death.


URGENT: June “Gay Month” and destruction

Many people responded to my linking this massive tornado storm to the homosexual event. Most of these people refuse to believe that God will judge open rebellion like this. Many of the people tried to justify that Oklahoma was not as wicked as San Fransisco and why not judge this city!



I also posted several links between the promotion of the homosexual agenda, especially about “homosexual marriage,” and once again NK threatening to attack America with nuclear weapons. It happen once more today as the Supreme Court was hearing the California “homosexual marriage” case. NK called for the full mobilization of its army along with its nuclear missiles to attack America.


God’s Final Warning to America

What we need in the church and spreading across America is the linkage of these words: American homosexual agenda – North Korean nuclear weapons. The latest threat by North Korea to attack America came as Obama is promoting homosexuality in the Boy Scouts. While he is doing this, NK is once again telegraphing that it is going to attack America with nuclear weapons.

Homosexuality and God’s Judgment on America 29

Homosexuality and God’s Judgment on America

t was wonderful to interact with all the homosexuals and their supporters. Of course, there were the vile posts, but it was well worth it to be able to communicate with so many homosexuals that I would never have been able to.What happened was the Huffington Post picked up a blog post of me warning that Hurricane Sandy was hitting because of homosexual “marriage” in New York state and Obama campaigning for it. I will post all this again in a final version. Huffington’s post went viral and dozens of homosexual websites and blogs ran the story about me! What was so wonderful about this, I was actually quoted accurately! It even was front page in Israel news and the London news services. God put me right into the battle against the Hard Left, and I had nothing to do with it.