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Arab paper: Syria, Iran instigated Gaza conflict

I feel it is definite that Iran is behind the Hamas attack on Israel. Iran wants to start the war to bog Israel down and prevent an attack on Iran. It also could help unite the Arabs into attacking Israel and help save Assad from being overthrown. This means that Iran is desperate and feels the pressure from Israel. It also shows how, at anytime, the war could explode between Iran and Israel.


Daily Digest

The liberal parties accused the United States of putting pressure on the ruling military council to hand power to the Brotherhood. On Wednesday, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton demanded that the military “support the democratic transition, to recede by turning over authority.”


Daily Digest

What is so amazing about all this, is that a man that looks at another man as a woman and this is thought as being normal. They do not even know what a marriage is anymore. The Hard Left is so “smart” they do not even know what a marriage is. Once they reject truth, God gives them over to lies and they believe them.


Financial Crisis: Urgent

If I wrote about the melting down of European economy without including all the following articles, you might find it hard to believe. The reason for this would be there is NOTHING in the main news about this. If you dig like I do, it is clear to see what is happening. The collapse is accelerating as the nations and banks are now falling like dominoes!