Isaiah 62:1

For Zion’s sake will I not hold my peace, and for Jerusalem’s sake I will not rest, until the righteousness thereof go forth as brightness, and the salvation thereof as a lamp that burneth

Commentary and Articles

There is nothing major happening with Israel right now. There is confusing talk coming out of Israel about Iran, real confusing. Netanyahu is once again talking about dividing Israel to create a Palestinian state! The war in Syria is destroying the economy. When the war is over, Syria is going to be in utter poverty. This is part of the curse for Syria trying to destroy Israel and housing all the Middle East terrorist organizations.

Syrian Civil War

Syria running out of cash as sanctions take toll, but Assad avoids economic pain 04/24/12 This is the point where Syria could crack. It has economically melted down and the country is out of money. This will really intensify the civil war as people start starving.

 “Syria’s remaining cash reserves are quickly dwindling as the country’s anti-government uprising marks its 13th month, according to intelligence officials and financial analysts who describe a steady hollowing-out of the country’s economy in the face of sanctions. The financial hemorrhaging has forced Syrian officials to stop providing education, health care and other essential services in some parts of the country, and has prompted the government to seek more help from Iran to prop up the country’s sagging currency, the analysts said. Revenue from Syrian oil, meanwhile, has almost dried up, with even China and India declining to accept the nation’s crude, they said.”

Netanyahu says Iran sanctions ‘better work soon’ 04/25/12 “While sanctions against Iran are visibly impairing its economy, they have not impacted its continuing nuclear activities, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu told CNN in a Tuesday interview. “They’re certainly taking a bite out of the Iranian economy, but so far they haven’t rolled back the Iranian program or even stopped it by one iota,” Netanyahu said. “I hope that changes, but so far, I can tell you the centrifuges are spinning.”

IDF chief to Haaretz: I do not believe Iran will decide to develop nuclear weapons 04/25/12 This is nonsense coming out of Israel. Who are we to believe Netanyahu or the IDF chief? Someone is stupid or giving disinformation.

Netanyahu: I Back ‘Contiguous’ Palestinian State 04/14/12 Is he serious? It is hard to figure this man out. He is willing to divide up Israel so a Palestinian state does not look like Swiss cheese! He has said things like this in the past and did actually give away parts of Israel in his first term as PM. He is really playing with fire if he tries and divide Israel.

Iran preparing for ‘the Last Six Months’ 04/25/12 This is about an interesting book about Iran and the final battle before the Mahdi returns,

“The book, which relies on Islamic hadiths by the Prophet Mohammad and his descendants from centuries ago, describes the 9/11 attacks and the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq as signs that the time is near. But it also prophesies much more significant signs that would launch the six-month time frame for the reappearance of Mahdi: an attack on Syria and then an attack on Iran.”

US bid to defuse Egyptian-Israeli tensions derailed by Egyptian Islamists 04/25/12 Once the Islamists are in power, there is no doubt they are going to confront Israel.

Egypt’s military leader responds to Lieberman with threat of violence 04/23/12 Already Egypt is talking about war with Israel

Peace Faltering as Egypt Cuts Gas to Israel 04/24/12

PM: Throughout history, Jews have overcome all enemies 04/25/12

Joel 3:19 Egypt shall be a desolation, and Edom shall be a desolate wilderness, for the violence against the children of Judah, because they have shed innocent blood in their land.