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New Image of the Beast Post – Creation of Human Gods: The synthetic human genome project and third strand DNA

We’re getting into deep waters with this post. The Image of the Beast is closer than ever, and it appears that a mixture of synthetic DNA, transhumanism and mutation from a double helix to a triple helix all may be involved. What we’re finding is the merger of the 666 Surveillance System and the Image of the Beast through technology. We don’t know yet what the Bible actually is describing when it refers to 666 as being the number of a man. But it appears we’re reaching a position of being able to make an educated guess now.
A whistleblower just has made known the fact that Harvard has conducted secret meetings, not about mapping the human genome, which has been underway for some time, but writing a new human genome from synthetic DNA!


Genetic Armageddon: Satan Setting Himself Up as God (Part 1)

One of the companies profiled in a video on Singularity University is creating synthetic printable DNA, and the head of that company states that soon anyone will be able to make creatures from his imagination. This is not what God intended; the limits He placed and the boundaries between species were created for good reason. Once before mankind went down this road and that was in the days of Noah. Jesus stated that at his return the world would be the same as in those days. Surely this is what He was referring to. But genetic manipulation is only a small part of what is becoming a nightmarish and sordid future. While the media touts the great advancements we’re making, ethics have become a subject that is becoming unmentionable. Those crying out for controls are being ignored. They speak of a future where soon children will be playing with creation through DNA the same way that prior generations played with chemistry sets. They foresee not only the ruin of the planet but the end of mankind itself. While they may not realize it, they are prophetic.