The End-Time Witnessing Prophecy Packet

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  1. I treid the address for Last Trumpet and it said failure to send.
    Address must be different now.

  2. dan .w says:

    I will be ordering more of the prophecy packs via mail.Thank you for providing great and valuable tools which we can use to win others to Christ.This site is such a blessing to me and others…and helps us stay excited about all that the Lord is doing through His Church.May the Lord Jesus shine brightly on you,and draw you ever closer to Him brother John,sincerely,Dan.w

  3. ashley says:

    Mr. McTernam,
    I was just wondering how effective these tracts have been. If one were to compare them to the regular tracts the church uses?

    • JohnMcTernan says:

      I am very pleased with the feedback and people who would not take a tract are taking this like candy.

  4. James Hall says:

    I would like to receive end-time witnessing prophecy packet

  5. Lib Ashworth says:

    I ordered the newspaper The Last Trumpet, then went to the website On this website, there was material that stated that Paul is to Christianity as Joseph Smith is to the Mormons and that Paul is a false prophet. Do you agree with the material about Paul that is listed on

  6. Linda Ehlert says:

    When we became Facebook friends, you said to ask for your Prophecy package. I now send you my name and email address below:
    Thank you so much! -Linda Ehlert