120 Christians Slaughtered By Muslim Herders In Nigeria – MEDIA SILENT

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  1. dan.w says:

    Yes,the liberal/commie media is silent..because they hat the God of the Bible.They are whoring with islam,and will get burned by them for it.You see the covers were pulled off of evil..tell me God don’t hear our prayers..and now we see it plain as day.Instead of the emp. having no clothes..it’s the masses of people,and their handler’s..satan..[with a tiny ‘s’],is working hard to get his putrid mandate out.Most people swallow his garbage and think how wise they are…..FOOLS.The real church mostly sit’s on their ‘blessed hand’s’..and are reactive,[not to the point of doing anything],instead of being proactive.I pray for them to WAKE UP…and I try not to waste too much time with them,so I don’t get ‘side lined’ either.A Christian in neutral is useless to the Lord,and is really running the ball for satan.They will hang their heads in shame one day…too late.

  2. dan.w says:

    Just a ‘heads up’ for all my Christian brothers/sister’s..We are at the point in history,i believe..where you will soon find out ‘watch what you say to who’,including maybe best friends,family members..Why?,..because the difference between cultural christian,and real Christian will rear it’s head.Unless one is ‘blood bought’ by Jesus,i.e. born again…we may serve ‘different father’s’..because they are diametrically opposed at every turn..which will become very apparent in any family/friend discussion about faith/politics.This is but one more way free speech has been lost.No..can’t have Jesus in the culture..separation of church/state garbage…but public T.V. can have any false religion/cult on,and promote it.Carefully choose the hill we may [die on]…We need to be here as long as Jesus want’s us to,an be effective…KNOW who you can trust..and on a need to know basis…for survival.

  3. dan.w says:

    Father God…please comfort the family’s of the slain Christian’s,worldwide.The world don’t care,but You do Lord,and we do.They are safe in Your arm’s.