Drug Epidemic in America

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  1. Paul says:

    I’m extremely concerned about the growing fascination and adoption of methods in the church to help raise our children on, in order to tackle the problem of the youth leaving. Things like spiritual formation, contemplative prayer, and other emergent church teachings being promoted by scripture union and the Bible society! Please tell me that I’m overreacting because these Christian organizations would never be deceived with such heretical practices… or is it the result of apathy and unrepentance? Please help me to make sense of this madness.

  2. Lori says:

    I’ve taken Effexor for over 10 years now, and would love to get off of it! I’ve weaned myself down without the doctors advise, if I accidently miss a dose I have the most horrible withdrawal symptoms. When I go for my next physical here shortly, I’m going to tell the doctor to wean me off of it completely. One thing I want to say about the warnings about behavior on Effexor and such, is that I believe that people may already be dealing with mental and behavior problems in the first place, I know I was. At that particular time in my life, I was persuaded to see a psychiatrist and was desperate, so I went along with his prescription. Looking back I know I should have only relied on the Lord for help in every area of my life. I could talk more about it, but it’s too long of a story, and more personal than I really want to share. Lord bless you for all of your research!

  3. Irene C says:

    It took me awhile to post to this, I had been reading some news articles that basically made me want to crawl into a hole in the sand.


    Obama: Uganda Anti-Gay Bill Would Mark Step Backward

    President Barack Obama says pending steps by Uganda to further criminalize homosexuality will complicate what he is describing as America’s valued relationship with the East African nation.

    In a written statement, Obama says legislation that Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni has said he will sign will mark a step backward for all Ugandans and reflect poorly on the country’s commitment to protecting the human rights of its people. Obama says it also will mark a serious setback for everyone who is committed to freedom, justice and equal rights.

    Michael Sam Received A Standing Ovation At A Missouri Basketball Game


    Michael Sam received a standing ovation when he appeared on the arena video boards during Missouri’s basketball game against Tennessee on Saturday.

    The All-America defensive end who could became the first openly gay player in the NFL, later blew a kiss to the student section and shook hands with fans.

    Episcopal Bishops Rebuke Kansas Anti-Gay House Bill 2453 With Religious Righteousness


    On Wednesday, Kansas’ Republican-dominated House passed Bill 2453, which makes it legal for individuals, groups, and businesses to refuse services for same-sex couples if they believe it goes against their religious beliefs to do so.

    Though the bill claims that it “protects the rights of religious people,” some people of faith are against it, explaining that legalizing discrimination doesn’t protect religious freedom at all.

    Two bishops of the Episcopal Church, the Right Reverend Dean E. Wolfe and the Right Reverend Michael P. Milliken, urged the rejection of Bill 2453 in a joint statement sent to all members of the Kansas Senate:

    Reading all of this just makes me want to cry.

    And as the U.S. is trying to divide Israel, we are not only getting hit with horrible winter weather, we have witnessed earthquakes in South Carolina (a 4.1 and 3.2 within a week). And as I type this, we had a 4.2 in Oklahoma. And still the masses shake their fists at God.

    Sorry if this is long, but I grieve.

    God Bless and Maranatha

  4. Josh says:

    About this much anticipated “Noah” movie coming out in late March…I heard on two radio programs this morning…one local and one national…that Hollywood deviates from the the Bible with this film and that God tells Noah He’s bringing the flood because of over-population of the Earth and mankind’s mistreatment of the environment. In other words, present-day political correctness applied to the times of Noah!

  5. Mary E. says:

    I know exactly where you are, right now. I suffered from depression for a large majority of my life, but it wasn’t until the death of my sister that I turned to medicine for help. Like you, I was at the end of my rope. I took many different anti-depressants and ended up on Effexor. It was horrible and the side effects of any of these drugs were never explained to me, I ended up doing my own research. To make a long story short, I knew it was time to get off the drug, through the unmistakable leading of the Lord. Lori, this is the part that I want to emphasize to you. Every Doctor will tell you that the drugs are not habit forming, that’s a lie. It is my sincere prayer that the Lord will completely deliver you from the withdrawal symptoms, but if He allows you to go through the process, you must prepare yourself, through prayer and knowledge. Start doing research now, on how to understand the changes your body will experience, as you withdraw from Effexor. Ask the Lord for wisdom. For me, I took natural supplements, detox teas, etc. Purging the drug from your body is a process that takes time, but I can assure you, The Lord will see you through. It has been 6 years since my experience and true to His promise, I am depression free….and that “broken heart” that started all of my travails, was mended.

  6. Joni says:

    Lori and Mary, I was prescribed that effexor for a very short time a long time ago. It is the scariest drug I am aware of. I was on it only a short time, maybe a few weeks at most. The side effects were horrendous and lasted 9 weeks. My medical records show that I have an adverse reaction to it, and call it an allergy, but I keep it there in the records so no one ever gives it to me again. I called them “brain shocks” and it was when the drug was brand new, so there was no documentation of the shocks, so no one believed me or knew what to do for me. I finally contacted a man in New York, who returned my call, a Physchiatrist, and he recommended ONE PROZAC pill. The chemical half life of the Effexor is very short, thus the early onset of the body craving more. Prozac, has a very long half life, and gives you relief of the symptoms until the Effexor can wash out of the bloodstream.
    Please ask your Doctor about this if you try and are still having troubles.
    God Bless us all,

  7. Debra Lukas says:

    After reading your headlines Mr McT. there is no turning this country around. Our government is so far in hell and sleeping with the devil things will never be right again until Christ comes and creates the new heaven and new earth. Our government has turn right into wrong and the young people are going for it. Its ok to be gay and sleep with anyone you want, killing babies they say is a woman’s right and the baby is not a baby until it is breathing. How very sick our world is and our churches are not standing up for Christ, and what is right.
    The only hope is Christ is coming to take us home soon.
    Debra Lukas, Mich

  8. Joni says:

    I have been thinking deeply about this drug problem. It is so much darker and deceptive than it appears. When one of us tries to help another, who may not know about the dark side of these drugs, we are mocked and ridiculed, and accused of being “way out there”. Now the enemy always tricks us, and pretends to be the answer. So we can surely understand the deception here when we see it with our spiritual eyes. Jesus even cried when he was told Lazarus had died. Crying and missing a loved one is a natural reaction for emotional beings. Our culture has persuaded us that the only “feelings” we need are “pleasureable” and one only has to watch tv, and see the ads for the pills that fix everything from sexual dysfunction to shyness or fear of public speaking almost. My deepest concerns are these……with obamacare we are going to lose a lot of good doctors, due to the inability for them to make a decent living. Many of them will go into early retirement. Then the new ones, the ones who have been indoctrinated to the sorceries, will be the ones forcing these down our throats. I also see this electronic medical record keeping as a way to deal with us “pesky ones” the ones who want to “think for ourselves”. Now every conversation we ever have with a Doc is at the fingertips of whoever wants to view it. And people tend to react out of fear, when it comes to our health. People will do cartwheels to provide info for DNA purposes or anything, if in fact we are told it may save us or a loved one from disease. (My Father/best friend died at 56, from the spreading of colon cancer to his lungs, bones and liver) He was very pleased at his own skewed view, that because he got it, he spared me from it. He believed the statistics, that one out of 4 will get it I guess, so he thought he was that one.) Then I ended up with it…but Praise God I am clean, Thank you Lord.
    Anyways now if all of that were not enough for concern, my concerns really red flag when I envision a complete society being cut off from their drugs, due to a natural disaster, economy crash, what have you. This thought is the one I can’t seem to shake. I have big concerns for the youth also, including my own son Joel (unsaved). He is on these, at the whims of the VA Docs, due to Iraq head injuries and PTSD. Since we know they cloud our thinking at best, how are the young ones to know Jesus? This would seem to me to be the ultimate goal? Destroy the kids….early on….thats how I know Jesus must be calling us soon, as things are just heading downhill at lightning speed now.
    PS I did not mean to sound so depressing. Please forgive that, its just the truth. And we need to put our hope in waiting for the call to come up hither…Please continue to share here about these difficult topics, because its my thought that each one of us has a part to play in assisting each other in these dark times.
    God Bless us all,

  9. Matt says:

    Chevrolet has a commercial showing two homosexuals as a couple, and then a sinkhole swallows a bunch of Corvettes. Coincidence?!?

  10. Izzie says:

    I have struggled most of my life with depression and anxiety due to a pretty turbulent childhood. I injured my spine in a horse related accident as a young adult and have had to rely on pain meds for many years as a result of that. My doc also put me on antidepressants and anti-anxiety meds. They only made things worse! The Holy Spirit revealed that to me, so I weaned myself off of my meds. I still have extreme pain issues, but I don’t want to go back to taking meds. They are awful! Bro. John, I have been wanting to get you to pray with me about my heart, but I don’t mind telling you, I’m afraid. Not that the Lord can’t heal me, but that I won’t have enough faith to make it so. God bless you for your ministry, and God bless all of you who post! You have no idea what a blessing you all are to me!

    • JohnMcTernan says:

      Please email me at [email protected]
      I have seen untold numbers of people hearts healed and set from anxiety.
      You are no exception as Jesus came to heal YOUR heart and set you free.
      God bless you.

  11. Norman says:

    Paul @ 1: its very sad when long-standing Christian organizations go awry – but it has always happened – and its accelerating – a sign of the times. The upside is that you recognize it, and can dissociate yourself from it. As you pray everything through, and get out into the clear, you’ll be in a healthier place, and that will speak to others. The Lord is faithful, will keep you, and lead you to others of like mind.
    Joni, Mary, Barbara, Lori and others – from the things you’ve shared you are precious saints, beloved of the Lord! In my previous post about former days, when drug dependency was unknown, I realize I’d maybe overstated the good side. In reality, those times were quite spiritually bleak, and full of hypocrisy. Also, there was lots of alcohol abuse. But God bore with us under what was, in effect, the Old Covenant, which was our school master, to bring us to Christ. It seems to me, whichever time of history we live in, there are pluses and minuses. In this age, at least things are more open. I almost dare to think that the Lord would rather have it that way. He’d borne so long with those who honoured Him with their lips, but their heart was far from Him (Mk 7:6). Also, every negative experience is allowed by God to bring us to Christ; and if you think about it, anyone who is not at times saddened or depressed by this world must be deluded, deceived or worse (Ps 73). Before I came to the Lord, I too experienced a period of debilitating darkness – ‘fast bound in sin and nature’s night’. How wonderful, afterwards, to be able to sing: ‘my chains fell off, my heart was free, I rose went forth and followed Thee’ – to know at long last what the Spirit of God meant, when He wrote those words through Charles Wesley! In these dark days, may we all shine: for God has not left Himself without witness.
    PS: (Smile) I read a piece by a sincere Christian psychiatrist, who came to the conclusion that John Bunyan had clearly been suffering from ‘Obsessive Compulsive Disorder’. Well, whatever – but we have the mind of Christ!

  12. Lori says:

    Thanks to all of you for your encouraging words, I so appreciate them. You’ve all been such a blessing to me, thank you with all of my heart.

  13. Izzie says:

    You know, Norman, I understand what you are saying. For all of the terribly bleak things I have been through, I wouldn’t have missed one of them if it meant that I wouldn’t be where I am with the Lord. I still have such a tremendously long way to go, but everything has taught me to lean more on Him and be much, much closer to Him. I wouldn’t trade anything for that. How in the world does anyone get through this life without personally knowing our Lord? It’s difficult enough with Him. To me, it would be impossible without Him!

  14. S. O, says:

    @ Irene C. I grieve with you, sister. The calling of evil as good and good as evil is in high gear. May our Lord Jesus come soon. Maranatha. S.O.

  15. Norman says:

    Izzie, @16: what a lovely expression of tenacious faith towards the Lord, which contains His own reward (Heb 11:6; Mk 7:28-30; Mk 3:34). Amen

  16. Dan.w says:

    Dear Father God,please touch Izzie where needed most..I pray that Christ may be praised and glorified through what you may do,Amen.