230 County Sheriffs Will Defend the Constitution

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  1. Gord says:

    I think I just revealed the big seeing eye, many wonder about how the big seeing eye will control and regulate the masses…..Your TV Set, TV set’s in the near future will be able too watch and listen to everything in your living room, they will be introduced as way’s to keep in touch with your friends…..just like Google+.

  2. Janine says:

    So to confirm will islam in all the world will be destroyed John in the next world war and is definitely not the mark of the beast?

    • JohnMcTernan says:

      The next war will be a false Armageddon.
      It will set the stage for the antichirst to come as the false Christ.

  3. Rev Pete says:


    Back in 2012 I had a dream that the Lord showed me about the mansions in heaven. It was a short dream but it spoke volumes to me. I have not shared this with anyone but I believe now is the time. As I recal, the dream started out with me being inside one of the mansions in a big gathering area. There were plenty of people readying the place for people to move in, dusting, mopping, cleaning windows, etc. As the dream progressed I remember moving outside to what was a rather small gathering of people. They were celebrating the final touches being added to an addition of the mansion for a woman and her children. There was a band playing music and people clapping and having a good time as the final touches were being made. That is where the dream ended.

    I believe the Lord was trying to tell me that preparations are almost complete in heaven for us to join the Lord there. And that the Rapture is not far off. As Brother John keeps reminding us, we need to keep our focus on the Lord and His imminent return for us.

  4. Janine says:

    So the antichrist is pagan then John, not Islamic and Islam will be wiped out in the false Armageddon?

  5. Julia says:

    Rev Pete this brings to mind a similar dream I had that was so beautiful there is not a word here to describe it.I was at a mansion also and back when my mother was alive we had an identical dream,I remember calling her and telling her about this wonderful dream then she started to describe exactly the same thing…..we just started crying.Another time we were together talking and we spoke identical words atleast 30 and if my husband was not there to view it we would probably not been believed.I think this is the one accord God’s people have and there’s no division in christ.Thank You for sharing your dream it has brought back a good memory.Glad you are here at Johns Blessed site.

  6. Ryan Thomas says:

    Rev Pete,hi I agree for many reasons the rapture is so very,very close.This is definitely not a time for foolish pride or selfish ambition.It’s a time for prayer,worship,repentance,and sober thinking.A time for to study the word,build our relationship with Jesus,and be watching +warning.Math.24.42 Thanks for freely giving what’s been freely given to you!!!

  7. Ryan Thomas says:

    Janine shalom, I think the muslim coalition around Isreal will be destroyed soon,as part of the Psalm 83 conflict.That will set the stage for the antichrist to confirm a peace deal with Isreal for 7years.( Daniels 70th week). Daniel 9.27. The rapture will have occurred before this confirming.2 Thess 2.7-8. (That’s how close we are ). Then the rest of the muslims,the hard left, and all who oppose God, will finish pulling down the scarlet harlot system.Rev 17.3-6. 17.15-17. 18. That bringing down has already started. Again, that’s how close we are. John has been right, the antichrist will be pagon, but not muslim. He will oppose every God, and put himself above them. 2 Thess 2.4. Also I think obummer has probably already been promised Canada, Mexico, and U.S. as one of the ten kings. Daniel 7.23-24. Rev 17.12-17. Alaska might go to gog, another of the 10. Maybe Putin and Russia. Things are really, really lining up. Nations and people are being shaken, and must make their choice. No excuses anymore! Jesus Christ or antichrist, Isreal or curses. Shalom

  8. Rev pete says:

    You are very welcome.