Muslim leader burns bible, threatens Christians

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  1. Dan .w says:

    Am I the only one,or do all of you out there see what I would term as the slowest train wreck coming.I do not fear for myself,but for this country we now live in,which to me is unrecognizable.Things happened so fast..yet at the same time it is like watching a giant fall in slowed down slow motion.It is both physically and emotionally draining.I sense a HUGE battle in the heavens,manifesting itself on planet earth.Even though I love Bible prophecy,it is still almost surreal,like watching yourself and others from afar…like a bad dream state,from which the wake up call is a welcome sound.I know…..that all of you out there sense a foreboding,an entering of a territory,the likes of which is unfamiliar and not at all pleasant.We must hold each other up in prayer as never before…I believe in these dark last days,satan is giving it with all he has got up till now..He knows time is short,but still up to now,on his side….But…..He…will….LOSE. Thank you Lord Jesus for winning the Victory at the Cross. Dan.w

    • pam says:

      Know what you mean. I was out yesterday and everyone seemed oblivious to what all this means. I said that to a friend and she said” it is because they DON’T know what it means”. Scary and sad at the same time.

    • Keith O. says:

      Hi Dan, No, you’re not the only one. It is surreal. The thing that concerns me is this: just how dark will it get and how much persecution will we face before the Lord comes back for us? Our brothers and sisters in Christ are being burned, jailed, and butchered in places other than America. Will the same atrocities reach us here in the “safety” of our borders? We need to continue to pray for ourselves, our families, and each other for strength and endurance as this is extremely draining. God Bless.

  2. claire says:

    They can burn as many books as they want, but they will not destroy the Word of God.
    Matthew 24:35 Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away.

  3. look, while i think how they are acting is wrong… it’s not much different than the westborro baptists, the street preachers who tell people they are going to hell, reverend whorley suggesting concentration camps for glbt people or scott roeder who killed an abortion doctor… and before you say, “well these people aren’t “real” christians”, i can find you an awful lot of muslims that will tell you these people are not real muslims.

    the problem lies with the deadly desert three, judiasm, christianity and islam. all three have evil violent pasts. death and destruction to anyone who does not agree with them.

    too bad we can’t just put all three in one place and let em’ at one another. goodness knows, this planet would a helluva lot more peaceful.

    • admin says:

      Please stop your nonsense. It is an old debating tactic that you are using.
      You pick out the Westboro Baptist and then try to apply to everyone so you justify your thinking.
      The vast majority of Christians are wonderful people.
      Islam is state sponsored terrorism that is real Islam as promoted by Muhammad.
      There is nothing wrong with Judaism or Christianity.
      The worst ideology is secular humanism as manifested in the French Revolution along with the Communism
      This ideology has killed and is killing today over 100,000 million.
      Southern Decadence reminds me of the French Revolution of which I would say you are a part of.
      You can never build a society with your lifestyle but it is the type that destroys it

    • Keith O. says:

      Undeniable, You are a reprobate troll who should stick to cnn’s belief blog. I think you’re here goading people into making comments(all of which are recorded) to be used against them at a later date by the Homeland Security Thought Police as it will soon be illegal to be a Christian in this country.

    • Cindy says:

      You are obviously not a careful student of history.

  4. tom f says:

    islam seems such a angry,violent religion

  5. Steve says:

    You say you are a student of theology and quoted the Bible in an earlier blog post. How do you explain away the over 300 Prophecies concerning the Messiah perfectly fulfilled in the life of Jesus. Did you know that the prophet Daniel predicted the very day that the Messiah would come to Israel? That very day Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey while the crowds sang Messianic Psalms.
    How do you explain away the prophecies concerning the Jews returning to the homeland.
    How do you explain away the laws that God gave to Moses that any medical doctor today would tell you are brilliant laws to protect people. Laws that tell what foods are safe, How to clean cooking articles to protect against bacteria that can lead to sickness, foods to avoid, personal cleaning practices including disposing of human waste, how to deal with those who are sick by keeping them away from healthy people, safe sexual practices that can protect man from horrible disease and death. The list goes on and on, knowledge that was thousands of years in advance of human knowledge.

    I am sad to say The Bible states that some will be ever learning but never coming to the knowledge of truth. and some love darkness more than light and they will not come to God because their deeds are evil. I pray that this is not the case with you.


    • admin says:

      Yes Karen, I believe that this all getting our heart out of this world and looking unto Jesus,
      I don’t want to live in this world anymore but just to serve the Lord

  7. Tammy says:

    Recently you stated that President Nixon at the time of the Yom Kippur war refused to help Israel. I just watched “Against All Odds” and it said that Golda Meir called President Nixon three in the morning pleading for his help. He asked her what she needed and he gave her everything on her list that same day. When he was a young boy his mother would read him stories out of the Old Testament and she told him that someday he would have an opportunity to help save Israel. He felt that was why he became president. He went against what Henry Kissinger wanted. There’s more to the story, just giving the basics I remember.
    God Bless, Tammy

    • admin says:

      Sorry, but both of them delayed and it was Haig who saved Israel.
      Whatever movie you watched was not accurate.
      He took credit later for what Haig did.
      God bless you

    • Tom says:

      During this time Nixon couldn’t make up his mind or a decision if his life had depended on it. Nixon’s communications director thought that Nixon was either heavily medicated, drunk, or had lost his mind. It was indeed Haig who not only came to Israel’s rescue, he was actually running things in the White House by default. The media constantly portrayed Haig in a negative light because he was a humble and sentimental man who would cry at funerals and weddings, laugh at simply jokes, but at the same time could make decisive command decisions. He is an unsung American hero who survived an assassination attempt by elements of Baader Meinhof’ Red Army Faction and he survived character assassination attempts from the left-wing media.

      In His Service,

  8. Steve says:

    You say you are a student of the Bible and claim that the god of islam is the same God of the Bible. What about the warnings in the Bible, Paul wrote that Satan can come as an Angel of Light, He also said if an Angel of Light comes with a different Gospel let him be anathema.
    You do know that an angel of light appeared to Mohammed? At first he thought he was demon possessed but his wife convinced him he was not.
    Have you read in the Bible some would come with a different Jesus?
    The Jesus islam teaches is definitely not the same Jesus of the Bible.
    The Bible also teaches not to add to or take away the God’s Word, the Bible. Islam does both.
    To say the God of Koran and the God of the Bible are the same is nonsense. The god of islam is seen as unknowable and almost aloof of mans doings, while the God of the Bible wants to be known, He is a God of Relationship. All throughout the Bible he is personally involved in the lives of His people, as he is today.
    Life is short, and eternity is forever. Please don’t be wrong about this.

  9. Dan .w says:

    Thank you Jesus for having mercy on my soul.Please open the eyes of the spiritually blind.The undeniable seems to be in denial.Reach him at his greatest point of need…a Savior.

  10. Danielle says:

    @ Dan ~ Yes we see it. Many people just do not know how to put it into words as you do so well. Maybe they are sooo
    happy to know that it won’t be long before we see Jesus face to face….. but so sad for the many who will not be there with us. We knew this was coming, but as Brother John said tonight, it is all happening so very fast! Thank you for always posting something straight from your heart. Always uplifting as well . @ John McT – Yes taking The Last Trumpet with me & giving it away as I am lead .(Dunkin’ Donuts is a hot spot …. on outside tables where people sit there to smoke & drink coffee!) In years past, they would allow us to leave other Christian publications inside, but I was told not to do that this past yr. So now when I am finished drinking my coffee (at the outside table of course) I can’t seem to remember to take my “Newspaper” with me . Slips my mind every time :)) SHALOM !!

  11. Caroline says:

    I hope that I can express what I’m feeling. As I read about our Bible being burned and the man saying that next time he would urinate on it, I realized that there would be no riots, no killings or bombings. I think it’s because we know in our hearts that this is God’s battle and only He can win it. They will have to answer to Him, not to us. We must pray and ask Him what He would have us do in His name. This isn’t cowardice, but simply knowing who is in charge. (NIV)Romans 12:19
    Do not take revenge, my friends, but leave room for God’s wrath, for it is written: “It is mine to avenge; I will repay,” says the Lord.

  12. sdavis says:

    Even though world disasters isn’t discussed in today’s blog, I have to share this story. I just went to to check local weather and saw this as the main story. Volcano: Tens of Thousands Affected. Here is the link. Whether people want to hear it or not, things that were predicted for the end times are happening all around us. One thing that really point in that direction is that there are stories of Muslims being visited in visions and being saved. I really see this as God’s push to save all who have a heart to be saved, even if there is no one to share the Gospel with them, so the fullness of the gentiles can be brought in. Every day I’m more convinced than ever that the time is short. God bless!

  13. Anne says:

    Amen.I wish I could comment on all the great posts…thanks to all of you. 🙂 yes, God will judge. People have no idea what this will be like…I feel so sorry for them. They are blinded and willfully so. I recently got a job where I am with the lost everyday…I an so burdened for them!! Time is running out. One if them is Jewish, also..I have a real burden for her, so please pray..

  14. Steve says:

    Dan .w
    I agree with your assessment 100%. Reading about Bible Prophecy is what first made me aware that the Bible must be God’s Word. For years now it has seemed like the events foretold could happen at any time and somehow where held back. God is certainly merciful not willing that any should perish but that all would come to a knowledge of the Gospel. Every day the world becomes more dangerous and unstable and the people know it. It seems as if all the foundations of this world, that people have always thought they could rely on are being shaken. To know that any given day now God will literally shout to his children “Come Home”, and we will be in His presence is truly beyond words to describe. God’s goodness and mercy surely endures forever.

  15. @ Undeniable first. John is absolutely correct. There is not a religion in the world that comes close to the number of people killed by godless atheism. Go get yourself the Little Black Book of Communism and then make educated statements. Add in all of the abortions world wide caused by the rulings of godless judges–and now maybe you get the picture.

    Are you omniscient by the way. You have to be or you also are just operating in faith. Atheism is not rational–it is an irrational faith. How much of all possible knowledge in the universe do you have? I day say less than a percent. So in that small amount you have concluded there is no God and you have not begun to sort through the other 99 percent? That is not reason nor ration–that is faith. I also bet you had a terrible father as Dawkins, Hitchens and other famous atheists had terrible dads so they transferred there bad experience with an earthly father to the heavenly Father. Just know, you heavenly Father loves you and will not deny you should you turn to Him.

    Now, check into the evidence for the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. You will be surprised by the evidence from both hostile and friendly sources that lead to one conclusion. Jesus is who he said He is and He is coming soon! Hope to see you investigate that so I can meet you when He calls his church home.

  16. The tree is know by its fruits! Do you know why I don’t run around in a bloodletting frenzy when someone burns a Bible or even threatens to urinate on it?

    1. Jesus told us to love even our enemies and pray for them. These folks are terrible blinded and deluded by a religious system that enslaves them in violence, hate, and bondage. They need prayer. So does anyone who does not know Christ–their minds are blinded so pray for them.

    2. Those who deface the Bible still have to give an account to the Author of the Bible. However, if I go into a fleshly outburst to defend the LORD, I too may have to give an answer. El Shaddai does not need my foolishness to defend His good name–He will do it Himself.

    3. The Bible also already gives us an answer as to why this happens. They have to prop up their idol. And it came to pass at noon, that Elijah mocked them, and said, Cry aloud: for he is a god; either he is talking, or he is pursuing, or he is in a journey, or peradventure he sleepeth, and must be awaked. And they cried aloud, and cut themselves after their manner with knives and lancets, till the blood gushed out upon them. And they cried aloud, and cut themselves after their manner with knives and lancets, till the blood gushed out upon them. 1 Kings 18:16-18

    However, the LORD GOD reigns supreme–all we need to is pray and patiently wait! “Hear me, O LORD, hear me, that this people may know that thou art the LORD God, and that thou hast turned their heart back again. Then the fire of the LORD fell, and consumed the burnt sacrifice, and the wood, and the stones, and the dust, and licked up the water that was in the trench.” 1 Kings 18:37-38

    Soon, the world will see the fire fall and realize… Jesus is coming. Are you ready?

  17. Dan .w says:

    God Bless you all,my brothers and sisters in Christ.Thanks for the good comments.Every post lately has been great,even from [undeniable]…because at least he is trying to communicate honesty from the way he sees it,open communications is good.Anyone who says Christians are simple minded or ignorant obviously have not met all of you.You ,all of you,are thoughtful,caring,and incredibly intelligent,and its my pleasure to be your relative in the Body of Christ.Keep up the great work the Lord has laid out for you to do.See you in the future,or the pasture. Dan.w

  18. ReBecca says:

    When I view the videos of the Muslims raging against the Bible and Christians, I am reminded that our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, lived among people like this.
    I thankfully and humbly praise Him that I was not born in such an evil country.

  19. Dan .w says:

    Danielle,I’m encouraged to see someone else leave Godly material behind so that others may hear.In my daily travels,I try and be sensitive to what the Lord is doing, and leave tracts,and Bible material where it may be found,or just hand them out.The Lord gives me great idea’s on how to get the truth out.Thanks for your faithfulness,brother Dan.w

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