Syrian Death Throes and Heading towards WW3

2 Responses

  1. Marcel says:

    Monumental, Prophetic days of God’s righteous judgments are upon us. To see the video’s of God’s judgments on Islam with muslims slaughtering and blowing up each other in their mosques. The utter destruction, desolation and waste of cities in Syria, Iraq and spreading as their judgment for wars of hate and intolerance against Israel. Ezekiel 35 is a good read to see how God ALWAYS judges Israel’s enemies.
    We can see the judgments growing exponentialy and know what is coming to the chief of nations which started the dividing up of Israel in 1993 on the White House lawn with the cursed Oslo peace scam. Joel 3:2
    The SCOTUS will give it’s nod to more rebellion against God, unholy, Satan inspired lust, strange flesh marriages. At the same time, ObamaNation will conclude it’s latest betrayal of Israel, a nuclear agreement with Iran.
    Don’t you think God will throw a monkey wrench into the spokes of Obama’s summer time bicycle ride with his globalist partners united against Israel?
    FOR SURE !!!

  2. Dan.w says:

    When we look all around us,around the world,the mighty Hand of God,His protection is slowly being removed.There were countless 911’s in our land in the past,but for the most part,the Lord’s been gracious and has turned the evil intentions to one side or another,thereby sparing our country.Every society that has turned it’s back on God,has suffered,usually never to recover.I find it ominous that the ‘new tower’ is called [one world building].,and also that an exact representation of a ‘minaret’ adorns the very top of it.This is spiritual in nature when you consider whom and what we were at war with.It’s almost like they won saying ‘checkmate!’.I don’t see a Cross on top of that building.To me a minaret is no different than a crescent moon and star symbol.We have been weighed in the scales…..and have been found wanting.Oh,by the way.the building is 1776 feet tall….can anyone say illuminati. Lord Jesus,.You are above man and all your creation.You laugh at our silly reasoning and devices.Please be merciful to us who love you,and use us in these last days,for your honor,and your glory,Amen.