New York Gov: Gun Confiscation and Forced Buy-back an Option

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  1. JH says:

    1 Peter 4:8
    “And above all things have fervent charity among yourselves: for charity shall cover the multitude of sins.”

    Father in Heaven,
    Free us from any unforgiveness that we may be harboring. Free us from any bitterness. Help us to pursue peace in our relationships.

  2. dan wessel says:

    I amen JH wish and prayer 100%.May all of you who belong to this family,have the very best of what Christ has to offer…All of Himself.God Bless…Merry Christ filled Christmas brother John and also to your family as well.Sincerely,Dan.w

  3. Nancy says:

    Amen and Amen! Starting with me especially, Dear Lord!

  4. Henry says:

    Isaiah 34:1-5
    1 Come near, you nations, to hear;
    And heed, you people!
    Let the earth hear, and all that is in it,
    The world and all things that come forth from it.
    2 For the indignation of the Lord is against all nations,
    And His fury against all their armies;
    He has utterly destroyed them,
    He has given them over to the slaughter.
    3 Also their slain shall be thrown out;
    Their stench shall rise from their corpses,
    And the mountains shall be melted with their blood.
    4 All the host of heaven shall be dissolved,
    And the heavens shall be rolled up like a scroll;
    All their host shall fall down
    As the leaf falls from the vine,
    And as fruit falling from a fig tree.
    5 “For My sword shall be bathed in heaven;
    Indeed it shall come down on Edom,
    And on the people of My curse, for judgment.

  5. Janine says:

    Be encouraged!
    ‘The future is as bright as the promises of God!’ 4 mins

  6. Merry Christmas to all who believe in Christ. Lets pray for all the ones who dont that God may move in their hearts and spark some light unto belief.
    The best way to show Christ is Love to others.
    God bless all of you
    Debra, MIch