55,772,015 Abortions in America Since Roe v. Wade in 1973

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  1. dan .w says:

    All of these stories show the nearness of the Lord.America won’t even be a footnote in history like the other nations that turned from God because of the lateness of the hour.Resistance against the obama machine is weakening..he is wearing down the saints with dissapointment after dissapointment.If someone is just a conservative,and not a Christian,they stand no chance..Satans power is with this man,..look at how things sail through for him.Surely,he is a judgment on America from a Holy and righteous God.Brick by brick,stick by stick,we are being dissasembled,and reshappen into a juggernaut much like 1930’s Germany/Austria.Americans forgotten God,and the lessons of history,now God will ‘forget’America…Iccobod..The glory has departed.Christ was our glory,but now he is just a word we say when we are angry.Some even give Him a middle initial….Some will never believe how bad it could,or will be,because they have been born under blessing.That blessing has now been removed,and instead,we have cursed ourselves…..God have mercy on our souls..because for America…its too late……….Pray for your lost loved ones.

  2. sage_brush says:

    One can only wonder how Preterists can believe we are living in the “kingdom age.” John – you can add to that heinous list of yours, the ongoing quest towards “Transhumanism.” Below is an article I wrote for another blog – (which was lifted and uncredited to me, but no matter )

    Sheeple aren’t aware of the fact that the military/industrial complex is actively pursuing super soldiers, encompassing advanced life spans complete with superhuman capabilities. Add that into the incessant conditioning of our young woman to not desire normal human men – but to focus on reproducing with supernatural entities (aliens, vampires, werewolves. . .)

    If we have child like faith, it is quite easy to understand the Book of Revelation. There is no need to “spiritualize” any part of it. What I find so shocking, is the many sheeple out there who seem to think that this overwhelmingly pagan country is “Spiritual Israel.” Sheesh!


  3. susan dietz says:

    John, This is a fantastic article. I am in complete agreement. Now even self proclaimed Christians are agreeing with abortion and vote for and like Obama. People don’t seem to realize what a great abomination abortion and sodomy is to the Holy God of Israel. Yes, they are flocking and swooning over Obama.

  4. dan .w says:

    I’m not afraid for believers in Christ,but those who have not trusted in Him.Too many things going on at the same time,tells us we are almost out of time.Lord God..I pray right now for all the faithful,who love you and trust only in your Name,that you would encircle them in your protective care and love,give them great wisdom for the days ahead,comfort them with the true comfort you possess.Lead us Lord,in this foreign landscape,to be salt and light to a dark world.Give us mercy and the right words to unbelievers,while not sacrificing any truth.Make us bold as lions amidst those who would slay us for your namesake.In Jesus beautiful name,..I ask this,Amen.

  5. Pat says:

    ‘Now even self proclaimed Christians are agreeing with abortion and vote for and like Obama.”

    One day God will challenge them to either leave Obama or leave God and partaker of God’s judgment against Obama and the nation he leads.

    Revelation 18:4 – “And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.”

  6. Ryan Thomas says:

    Hi everyone,rest assured that every single one of these little ones that have died before the age of accountability,are with The Lord.It’s that murderous spirit that grieves me and the Holy Spirit. It’s so pervasive now, throughout the whole world, and being promoted all the way through our society. Men and women that have aborted their children,you will see them again if you repent and become born again. If not,they will be with The Lord,and you will be in hell! Make the right choice this time, now is the exeptable time!!!

  7. Julia says:

    Our Lord And Saviour knew what was in man and did’nt commit himself to mere man.(John 2 V 24 & 25)It’s time to return to our first love(Revelation 2 V 2-7)Our only HOPE in this dark world.So many buildings out there teach half truths and scatter the sheep,for fear of not being liked they leave out that OUR FATHER actually tells us of things he hates for OUR OWN PROTECTION.(Proverbs 6 V 16-19).These six things doth the Lord hate:yea,seven are an abomination unto him: A proud look,a lying tongue,and hands that shed innocent blood,an heart that deviseth wicked imaginations,feet that be swift in running to mischief,A false witness that speaketh lies,and he that soweth discord among brethren.I know we are all sinners and fall short of the glory of God,but he is such a wonderful saviour and protection to those who call upon him with a broken heart and contrite(crushed) spirit.Psalms 34 V 17 & 18)He’s waiting!God’s Blessing for this beautiful Ministry.

  8. Ps91 says:

    That was perfect,Dan.

  9. Matt says:

    Not only did abortion kill 55 million unborn babies since 1973 in the USA, but also all the potential offspring that could have resulted from them. Even those offspring by now would be having the children of their own. The number of victims of abortion is the hundreds of millions.

  10. Dale says:

    Welcome to Generation Reprobate

  11. Mary E. says:

    Wow Matt,great point…making the act of abortion even more grievous.