666 BLOG POST: Are We Really in the Matrix?

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  1. Dan.w says:

    This is a great blog brother John.I’ve been aware of the string theory for some years now,and I believe many dimensions can occupy the same space at the same time.Ufo activity can pass through these dimensions like walking through a room.That is why it’s now you see it,now you don’t.We are locked into a 3 or 4 dimensional framework for now,but not so for the angelic host’s.We will realize ‘our release from it when either passing away,or being ‘caught up’ when Christ calls us up to be with Him.We may truly be living in a [program of God’s design] like you say.Years ago,when my stepson had a computer game with car chases in it,I found an error in the running program,[a worm hole of sorts],..needless to say,I could escape from the program,not thought about by the designers I’m sure,but,I was still locked into the game as long as I played it.God,however has all bases covered….no one escapes His notice or program,or scrutiny.He misses nothing.If Christ merely withdrew His word…….we would all vanish,instantly.Everything,past present,future would be as it never was.A timeline was made specifically for us,to teach us there will be a day to give account to God,a day of reckoning…for all of us.God bless you brother.Dan.w

  2. Judy says:

    Everywhere you look today, people, both men and women and many teenagers are sporting tattoos. Since they are so common and so readily accepted by society, will that be what is used by the Beast as his mark? Will they willingly accept this mark without a second thought? Oh how thankful I am that I won’t be here for that horrendous mark!!!

  3. Newman Chibuihe says:

    Thanks for the great work you are doing on this blog.