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  1. Judy says:

    Today I was at our car wash and the woman in line in front of me was covered in tattoo’s. From her forehead to her toes, the tattoos were multi-colored and depicted birds, snakes, flowers and other designs I couldn’t decipher. The E-tattoo would fit her well. One out of every three persons in the car wash had a multitude of tattoos.

    While I am not saying that everyone with those tattoo’s will take the mark, it would fit with Leviticus where God said not to mark the body with cuttings or tattoos. Why else would He even address the issue of tattoos?

    In our little tiny town there is a young woman who owns a tattoo parlor. I have been praying about approaching her with Scripture about what she is doing and to witness to her about her need for Christ Jesus. I hope to reach her very soon. I have a burden on my heart for her. I will keep praying until the Holy Spirit gives me the right words to help her. His timing is perfect so I will wait on the Lord!

  2. Danielle says:

    Peace to my brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus. Just want to comment on the situation in Houston Texas where the massive floods are occurring … The city’s Mayor, Annise Parker, an openly lesbian Democrat , was urging everyone to ” remain calm” assuring that they were doing all they can to help people. Really? If you love and care about your people tell them to repent. Speak Truth. Tell them you are willing to repent because ” all have sinned and come short of the glory of God!” Tell them that Gods judgement is now upon our nation! This is so hard now, because even some in our own families do NOT want to hear it. They are done with God, but guess what? God is about to be done with you. I am sad and there are no words, because if they won’t listen to HIS Word, they surely won’t listen to mine. I am sorry, Lord , for my sin which caused You pain and cost You everything. Thank You Abba Father, thank You Jesus, and thank You, Holy Spirit for being so faithful to me, even before I was saved. Keep looking up, and work while there is still time … Shalom, my friends!
    Forever His,

  3. Judy says:


    What a lovely, heartwarming post. Thank you!

    Brother John: I have the brochure and am at the ready. I am waiting on the Holy Spirit. I have a strong feeling in my spirit that God needs to get her to a place to receive what I want to give to her. I am ready and willing……..

  4. Ryan Thomas says:

    Yes Danielle, very lovely, heartwarming post indeed!!!

  5. Denise in MI says:

    Quote: “The masses are increasingly obsessed with evil, so why not make a show glorifying Satan?”