8 Ways to Identify Apostasy

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  1. Brother Joseph says:

    Excellent article brother John, excellent…

  2. Dan.w says:

    I believe we are almost there.We are at the precipice of the ‘cultural church’ turning on the true Church.We believe truth trumps tradition,’they’ hold tradition as equal to,or greater than truth.We believe truth is truth because it is always constant,and changes not.’They would say that truth can evolve,or mean different things,using the end justifies the means approach.We take Christ at His word,’they give Him lip service,calling Him great,but not reverencing Him as God.We don’t ‘go to church’…we are the Church.We don’t meet Christ inside,but He lives in us,we are His temple.All through history,religionists of all stripes have persecuted the true believers..and so it is today.Watch and you will see house church meetings on the rise.because the Lord is with His people.He has been banished in large part from organized,institutionalized,ritualized dead as wood religions,because there has been a departure from truth.Jesus is not a ‘wafer’,to be called down to die again and again.Once is enough.He paid all of our sin debt.past,present and future in one fell swoop.We must apply His payment to our sin and believe Him that, that was sufficient.God bless all of you.One way to spot a religionist is to ask if they were ‘born again’.Someone lost in religion usually relies on something other than Jesus prerequisite…such as they working to gain God’s favor,instead of what He has said.

  3. Dan.w says:

    As we speak,..all the world’s religions are coalescing,being drawn together,as the Scriptures declared they would in the last day’s.That is how far along we are.That is how far down the road from prophetic indications.we really are.That is how close we are to the Rapture of the Church .While much of ‘christians.are they really?.sleep,.we move at great speed.Why is the ‘church so silent’?Has satan put a muzzle on her?,or is just the cultural church silent?Sadly,some in the Body,succumb to fear,maybe they are numb and shellshocked at all that is happening so fast.Friends,now is our hour.We must raise a voice,a standard,if you please,a contrary sound to the one being played and embraced by today’s world.We are running out of time to tell a lost world that our King is coming.Is this America the same one your parents grew up in?Of course not.It is not even the same it was even a year or two ago.This world,and it’s system is fadind fast.Let us live for the Kingdom come,and bring many souls to know our Savior/King.Hope I inspired,[lit a Holy fire]..to prompt all of us to step it up.A lost and dying world waits for someone to tell the about Jesus.Will that someone be you?

  4. Barbara in VA says:

    Amen, Brother Dan.w. Well said! May God bless you and your family.


  5. Danielle says:

    @Dan … Exactly ~ We ARE the Church … We don’t need to “join” a church. We ARE the Body of Christ … and we are forever His, Danielle

  6. Brother Joseph says:

    AMEN Brother Dan! Glory to God! We sure do try hard here in this dark part of the United States / Vermont, a totally liberal state that wants nothing to do with Jesus Christ, the King of Kings. Rarely do we meet anyone who wants to hear the good news, most are mockers and scoffers. Very sad… May the Lord bless you in abundance Brother Dan for the urgency in your spirit. GO GET UM BROTHER, As we shall continue to try ourselves.

  7. Dan.w says:

    I pray all who visit/live here in Christ be blessed,encouraged,emboldened with a Holy boldness,hunger for the Word,which is Jesus.May each step you take be ordered of the Lord and used of Him to further His Kingdom.We have so much to do,but more accurately put,the Lord wants to have us fully surrender to Him and His will/plan.We have before us,great opportunities to reach the lost.I pray also,that God would put someone that needs Him but hasn’t accepted Him yet as Lord right in each of our paths personally so we cannot avoid them,but give them the truth in love……….no need to say thanks.[smile].Take care all,yours in His service,Dan.w

  8. Darryl says:

    This article could not be any clearer, concerning the truth that you cannot serve both God and mammon. It is either one or the other, no compromise.

  9. Loretta says:

    My brothers & sisters, A big AMEN to all of you!
    I do have a praise‚Ķ The other day my husband and I were shopping and as we were exiting the store I heard a greeter say, ‚Äúyes, Merry Christmas, this is the time of year we celebrate our saviors birth‚ÄĚ. He was busy talking but I went over to say AMEN, me too!
    Please pray for my husbands salvation; he has a very hard, bitter heart… 1st cancer and now Parkinson’s Disease.

  10. Don says:

    Thanks for the continued updates, John. It’s sad to realize that these characteristics are so easily recognizable in today’s church.

  11. Joni says:

    Loretta, please call in to blogtalk, on a Friday night. We will pray as a group for your husband. The prayers of the family on here are the best, and they get heard and answered. I am proof! Please do call.
    God Bless us all,

  12. beth small says:

    Amen! And when we have done all…STAND! We must be still before the Lord in intimacy and know his heart and mind to abide and move with Him alone. Brothers and sisters the time is short. Get alone with the Lord and then go forth as He leads with boldness and confidence knowing that you stand before the mercy seat and are victorious! Set your faces as flint and hold firmly to the gospel that was preached to us in the Word and quickened in our hearts by the Holy Spirit. Jesus revealed the Father to a lost world and loved not His life to the death ….and so must we. Fear not. He is with us always. ..even to the end of the age. Thank you all for your words of faith and prayers. We are one.

  13. Dan.w says:

    To Loretta,Before I was saved,I ran as fast and as far as I could from God..He had other plans.Hope that encourages you some,brother Dan.

  14. Dan.w says:

    Solid post,Beth.May the Lord bless us all here with His continued mercy and presence,Amen.

  15. jeff says:

    I just came by the local baptist church celebrating halloween. I posted this as a link, maybe some might hear.