A third of Hezbollah’s fighters said killed or injured in Syria

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  1. Dan.w says:

    Thank you brother John for all of the hard truth news we need to hear,but won’t,unless faithful men like you stand up and tell us.I pray that you and your family be truly blessed this Christmas.What an honor to have you in the Body of Christ.Can I get an amen from some of you out there?…….May God bless each of you faithful one’s.Dan.w

  2. Johannes, Norway says:

    Is it really in Israels best interest to “improve” relations again with Turkey by complying with Mr. Erdogan’s demands?
    With regard to Ezekiel 38, isn’t “Turkey” (Togarmah?) mentioned there?

  3. Dan.w says:

    Father God……please burn out of me.any unclean or evil thing that would stand in the way of our fellowship…..or of my intercessory prayers for the people of this nation.I’m not a prophet and I don’t want to be a fatalist regarding what you may do next.I do not want others here to get so discouraged to think.whats the use of praying..were done anyhow.I admit,.it doe’s not look very good.Our Lord can do anything.The miracle I’m praying for is just a full blown repentance of a lukewarm church.If that happened there is no telling how God would use that to open the eye’s of the ‘blind’.We are a ‘spiritually dull’ nation.Lord Jesus,quicken us to all that is yours.to all that is holy.Make us aware of the brevity of this life,and of the value of one more soul won to you.I pray a very Christ filled Christmas to all of you,Dan.w