Activists Gather in Times Square to Condemn Antisemitism: Omar ‘Would Like to Repeat History

2 Responses

  1. Diana says:

    It grieves my spirit to watch the progression of Leftist evil making headway here and in Isreal – at the exact time. We should devote a program for just things.I was watching Bibi and TTump today. They both looked weary. It broke my heart.

  2. dan.w says:

    We need to continually lift them up in prayer.Yes,they look weary and are.We need to ask God to be their strength..and to continue to use them for His plan and purpose.Father God..You installed these two men for this season,in their countrie’s.Use them mightily to overturn evil.Be their right arm.Give them Your wisdom,strength in the physical and spiritual realms,Holy insight and Heaven’s protection.You, their shield.Give them each a heart that follow’s You in precept and in practice.I ask Lord that You bless them both..and their familie’s and faithful staff…Amen.