AG Barr backs Durham criminal probe: Reads riot act to Coup Plotters

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  1. dan.w says:

    Father God..please give Mr.Barr..all he needs..all the other faithful,honest and godly men and women too..who refuse to cower and back down to the cabal of the ‘new socialists’.Give them a supernatural insight and wisdom to deal with the swamp scum that is embedded in all strata of our country/govt.Make them bold and strong as lions.Break the spell of the demonrats over thier ‘prey’…the lied to media/bleeding heart libs/and the simpleminded/feebleminded left.Their party left them long ago in favor of socialism/and islam.Liberal in the Bible was good…but not the term anymore.Like everything good..was turned on it’s head.Jesus has the final say…and..He knows who are His.

  2. dan.w says:

    Mr.Mike Huckabee recently stated something about Trump getting a ‘third term’…I say..why not?Barry Soetoro gets one…in fact he,[Barry] is just down the road from a real president,the one with a real birth certificate’..pulling strings trying to bring the republic down.Political correct or not…Barry needs the gallows…along with all those who are deep state trying to undo America…They ARE the enemy…infiltrating a republic..[on our watch to our shame].Meanwhile..the SBC is going sodomite affirming…NOT GOOD.We are in the midst of a [un]civil war.Our knees aren’t wore from prayer,but our backsides sure get a workout……Mr.Rogers….How do you spell Christian????…AWOL….I knew ya could.We ARE in the last of the last gasps of Ameri[k]a…..The homo,marxist,muzzies are winning the day……yeah,lets just give up and watch a rerun of how the U.S. used to be…we can look back with glazed eye’s at mayberry,or leave it to the beev….but we can’t read the Bible and see we are in the generation that Jesus pukes out of His mouth.We ARE touch,see and feel.A tums won’t help us.We have enslaved ourselves to the culture for a mess of our own making…..cause…we we’re to damn lazy.

  3. dan.w says:

    Well…there go’s one more thing I can’t do with the wife.We would watch hallmark Christmas program’s..which of course didn’t talk much about Jesus,but were thinly made ‘plots’ the same boy meet’s girl,loses her get’s her back and marries her…story.Same story,told with different faces.Now,we can call it HellMark……with two lezzie’s,swapping spit.Sorry,Turned it off…didn’t want to go blind.I refuse to sponsor any of their garbage.Not buying HellMark cards anymore either.Hand made one’s mean more anyhow.Can’t get a wholesome chicken sammich,or a nice card or a grade ‘c’ clean movie anymore!…That’s O.K….the Bible is right here and will NEVER let me down.Thank You God.