AG Barr: Secularists Using ‘All the Forces of Mass Communication…in Unremitting Assault on Religion

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  1. dan.w says:

    Secularism is a religion…It is religion without a specific god.In reality,there is no such thing as an atheist…Atheism just means the person who believes in it don’t know THEY are not god…certainly their’decision’ cannot be blamed on God…because we have nature,conscience,Scripture..the Personage of Christ and His rising from the dead..,and law as many proofs.They have to throw away their last vestige of a brain cell to believe a ‘lie’…Also..[Mr.] Carhart needs a new that fits his qualifications…I propose Mr.Noheart. Just a killers rub me the wrong way.

  2. dan.w says:

    I received your thank you letter,brother John…You are welcome,Thank you.I’m honored and humbled to be ‘in the Body of Christ’with you sir.May God give His blessings to all you touch regarding His great eternal plan…and in your life as well which is also of His plan,Amen.

  3. Henry says:

    Dear John

    It seems that the left has unlimited access to funds to harass and prosecute Christians in the USA and worldwide. Like the unwarranted persecution of Israel Folau in Australia. The movement of Islam has declared itself to be the enemy of Christians and I wondered how much of the funds pouring in to the attacks on Christians world-wide is funded by Islam through various front organisations. It may be a very interesting study to do.

  4. dan.w says:

    Father God..please smash the ‘cabal’ of mainstream media which is there only as satan’s megaphone.There are great ‘alternative site’s’ such as this one and other’s.Feel free people,to do your own homework.Real Christian’s and patriotic conservative’s don’t need to ‘suck from the teat’ of the brazen cow.We have real new’s,not the [orwellian doublespeak] pumped out by the dreg full.Nothing the devil has to offer has any worth or value…run from it.It was our former live’s…has no place in this one.

  5. dan.w says:

    Brother John…I believe Henry would be floored at how many once great ‘churches’ have succumbed to liberalism and have been hijacked from within because they have not the Holy Spirit to warn them.They,in turn put money in ‘the plate’..but those funds I’m sure go to anti Christian causes,and social justice garbage.I.E.Christ at the checkpoint,etc.We have watered down the real message and instead become feeding centers,building expanders,and such.While there certainly is a proper time and place for that stuff…Christ,and His message of salvation,and our mandate to get ‘the Word out’to the lost,get’s lost.I’ve been saved since 87,and to run into another faithful Christian on the street is rare as a blindman finding an albino houndstooth on a full moon in the rain…while running backwards on his hands while wearing oversized mittens with splinters in them. TRUE! If we want to know what’s going on,or see satan’s script…read or watch any mainstream propaganda outlet.Which ever way the fish are swimming,go the other way…you’ll be safe.