AG Lynch vows to prosecute ‘anti-Muslim’ speech

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  1. Dan.w says:

    Thank you brother John for helping us to see what the fake media won’t tell us..the truth.I recommend this ministry to any who love Jesus,His truth and want to ‘get plugged in’,but didn’t know how.We are serious believers here.We don’t talk about the color of the carpeting,or have festivals or parties or bingo here.we just love Jesus,and take Him at His word.This ministry is a ‘labor of love’.Many are involved.There is always room for one more.This is an open invitation to join in with Christ and win souls,encourage those who need it,pray for others,etc.There is room for you if you are serious about the Lord.God bless you all,Dan.w

  2. “They actually hate America, which we already knew, but now it is so out in the open that anyone can see this.”

    And you “love” America?
    Remember “If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him.”
    1 John 2:15

    • JohnMcTernan says:

      It’s the people and not the system.
      How many souls have you won to the Lord Jesus.
      How much time do you spend crying out to the Lord for sin of America and an outpouring of the Holy Spirit?

  3. Bruce DeBoer says:

    I like this tweet by former New York Gov George Pataki…”We must declare war on radical Islam. @Loretta Lynch I’m not edging toward violent speech, I’m declaring we kill them. Go ahad, arrest me.”
    Bruce D

  4. Rich in Jesus says:

    This hatred for God is also with the religion people, they do not want to hear the truth they hate it, when they my persecutors are so mean and I give truth they get more vicious all this you say is confirming of what the Holy Spirit tells me to say to them. They know what hell is all about they get the kjb teaching!!
    God Bless you John!!

  5. Denise in MI says:

    I am not surprised by anything these people do or say any more. I am most upset by those who mocked those who wanted to pray for the victims in CA, but we know there will be mockers in these times. They should be thankful that God has not solved this by now, or they’d all be in hell waiting to be thrown into the Lake of Fire.(I dare them to mock a Muslim, bowing down 5x a day to pray.) When the Christians are gone and the land is filled with young, angry Muslim men and Sharia law, will they finally be happy? I think not. These won’t let a woman be AG, they will kill all the homosexuals, and will behead anyone who doesn’t follow their god. Then the AC will come and it’ll really get interesting….

  6. Irene C says:

    As a nation, I believe the United States is finished. The only thing we have holding this country together are those of us who are crying out to the Lord for the sin of America and praying for mercy. But the one assurance I have is I’m just a traveler, traveling through and soon I will be Home. In the meantime, I pray to take as many with me as will open their eyes and hearts to our Lord. Our time here is running short. I know I definitely don’t want to be here after the Rapture, when the restrainer is removed.