America Manifesting “Tiny” Tyrants

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  1. dan.w says:

    Thank You Father God for president Trump.Make him unbeatable in every arena that satan comes against him in.Thank you president Trump for defunding..[permanently I hope] the W.H.O. which the U.S. is the largest funder,Bill Gates second largest funder…Can you see that anything Gates supports is a BIG no-no for us to?Please get us out of the well mr.president.Father God…tie the hands and feet of evil people..perverts,pedophiles,and those who would turn truth and justice on it’s head.Confound the wicked left and commie brats.Take em down Lord..I also ask that you bring winning success to Trump.Make the economy ‘roar’ full tilt and make it like the virus scam never happened.I believe nothing is too hard for You Father God…most of all..wake the sleeping Church to her role in reaching the Jesus name,Amen.