America Turning its back to Israel?

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  1. May G-d bless you John!

    Eretz Israel (The People, Land and Covenant) need your help more than ever.

    • admin says:

      Michael, we are doing everything possible for Israel and warn of what is coming.
      This was is going to be a fight to the finish with millions dying.
      We will continue to pray for Israel

  2. Dan .w says:

    God Bless you brother John for your site.Thanks to all of you who care and pay attention to the signposts,and post on this site as well.I’m in awe of the Mighty Savior and greatful for his followers who walk in Spirit and Truth.All of you,hold on tight to Christ and trust him no matter what it looks like in the natural.He will never dissapoint. Take care all, Dan.w

  3. Tom says:


    When Barack turns his tail on Israel
    The apple of God’s eye
    The Holy One shakes his head and utter’s but a sigh
    “As you do unto Israel I will do unto you”

    “Bring upon yourself Blessings or Cursings it’s entirely up to you”
    God made a covenant with Abraham that continues to this day
    Turning your back on Israel won’t change a thing or make it go away
    The land is theirs forever; this is what God has to say.

    Lay a hand on Israel to fulfill your evil lust
    God will turn your cities into sand, and your ashes into dust.

    It’s a vile shame Barack bends over for his Muslim Sheikhs,
    What’s poking out from their sheets?
    Barack really want’s the oil doesn’t care what it costs even at the expense of sodomy or another holocaust.

    Barack might think it a thrill to turn his tail and betray Israel, but in the end they are the ones who can stand up straight and do so in good moral standing.

    In His Service,

  4. Cynthia says:

    If this is true (and we know it is), it is over for the U.S.A.

  5. pam says:

    Most of the church today is covenental and not dispensational which is what is contributing to Replacement Theology. It is hard to find a church that is looking for the Rapture, believes that the Tribulation is coming and that Israel will be restored in the Millenniel Kingdom. Most believe that this is the Kingdom and therefore abandon Israel’s future. They spiritualize about 2/3 of the Bible, not being able to explain Bible prophecy. It is a very sad situation, indeed. But we know that our God is sovreign and rules over the affairs of men, so we can take hope that His will will be done.
    Maranatha, come quickly Lord Jesus!!!

  6. Dan .w says:

    Pam is correct….A church without a head is no good,..or a bride not waiting for the groom shows a serious lack of love…There are alot of lamps without any oil[Holy Spirit],in them…There will be alot of full pews when Christ calls us home to be with Him…and alot of clueless people left behind because they care not for the Bible or the central person of it,Christ.Take care all…Dan.w

  7. Nick says:

    Will Romney be a better candidate? The Republican platform includes pro-Israel, pro life, and traditional marriage, but check this:

    Who on earth do we vote for?

  8. Nick says:

    Correction: Repub platform “envisions” two states… just read the small print. now what?

  9. Mariel says:

    One does have to look hard for people who believe in Israel’s future, and our government has abandoned Israel. But why should we suffer God’s judgement, we who help and educate people about Israel? Does this actually mean we in America who support Israel will be taken home in the Rapture? I’ve not accepted date setting for the rapture, and now I’m saying I don’t know if I will die or be raptured…either way going home. But why should I and the millions like me–and you–suffer God’s judgement on America? If I’m confused, I admit it.

    • admin says:

      Because the Americans voted Obama into office knowing he was anti Israel.
      The church has not interceded for Israel and what Obama is doing.
      The church looks at this as political so the judgments are falling on us.

  10. Joy says:

    I’ve just read “As America Has Done To Israel” and I just felt the book didn’t go far enough. I’m an Australian and I’m proud that ANZACs liberated Beersheba in the First World War and that the British Mandate paved the way for Jewish settlements in Palestine. This had an enormous effect on the whole world economy in the 1920s and you made no reference to this. In August 1929 there were unprovoked massacres on Jewish settlers and the British response was to limit Jewish migration to Israel and to evacuate the settlers. By late October of 1929 the Great Depression started, I believe as a direct result of the Jewish settlement of Palestine being thwarted.
    After the establishment of the nation of Israel in 1948, we have seen unprecedented world prosperity, as Israel has been allowed to prosper, right up until the recent Global Financial Crisis which you correctly call as having everything to do with American Presidents pressuring Israel to sign away land to the Palestinians.
    Even if you did write about the 1929 massacres in another book (I haven’t read the others yet), I still think it is a big hole, since you mentioned Henry Ford and Camp Siegfried, but you didn’t talk at all about the American response to the British halting the Jewish settlements in Palestine in 1929.
    Let’s face it, as the world allows Israel to prosper, so prospers the rest of the world.

    • admin says:

      Joy, did you notice the title of my book As America Has Done to Israel and size of it?
      I had to stay focused on America and even then I left out a lot of information.
      You are requesting something that was beyond the scope of the book.

  11. Hi bro John.
    Israel will ve to face Iran alone so that at the end,nobody will claim that the helped Israel win the war.
    Peace 2 JERUSALEM.

  12. J Kitty says:

    “This must be sickening to the Iranians seeing America begging not to be attacked.” I think the Middle East people are just splitting their guts laughing at the Americans, & the stupidity of the present administration, & the sheeple in their lack of knowledge.

    “The Holy God of Israel has many natural forces online like earthquakes.” Have you noticed how many earthquakes around Iran in just the last couple of days? I think God is practicing. Not that He needs practice, I guess a better word would be warning.

    I loved & hated your book, AS AMERICA HAS DONE TO ISRAEL. I hated it because of so many devastating facts about what has happened to Israel brought me to tears several times. I never paid attention to history in school, because I thought, “How can the past affect my future?” I understand now.
    I would ask if you are working on Book #2, but so many things are happening so fast, by the time you got finished, you’d have to start Book #3. That’s OK, I’m keeping up with the news now, thanks to you & Geoff, & a few others. Or should I say, TRYING to keep up.

    May God continue to bless your ministries! Praying for you.

  13. Mrs. CJB says:

    Amos we are very glad to hear from you again! Some of us have prayed for the safety of you and our other Christian brothers and sisters in Nigeria. The news out of your country has been very troubling and we have missed you on Brother John,s blog. The Mighty God of Israel who never slumbers bless you and keep you safe!