American Christianity: Revival for Survival

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  1. danw says:

    I know the president has a lot on his plate.I also know the shell game regarding the national debt.I had only hoped he would have said no to compromise with the demon cats…so now planned murderhood gets more funding,etc.C’mon prez….you could say no or use your veto power.Sometimes the ‘best deal is no deal’.So we don’t fund the military..we are all getting IOU’s anyhow as we are now a debt based system.Any Rhino’s should be sent packing…and you Mr.president set the tone and conditions and pace.You sir are fresh air and new blood.Don’t cave in to the elite….And let’s build that wall……thank you.

  2. danw says:

    Father God..please stiffen the resolve of our president.Give him a renewed vision..Your vision.Don’t let him fold and become a follower instead of a leader.Let him say NUTS to the progressive/commies and all God haters.You put him in office.Please don’t let washington’s air neutralize why he’s there and what You want from him.Guide and encourage/protect him…I ask in Jesus great Name…Amen.