Americans defend life by hundreds of thousands

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  1. Matt says:

    Blessed is the fruit, of thy womb Jesus! May Jesus convert hearts and stop abortion.

  2. Lori says:

    How wonderful to hear about this march for life of unborn babies, Lord bless these people. I loved hearing about the woman who stood her ground through the power of Jesus….praise the Lord!!!!

  3. Julia says:

    WOW John God is so close.I read different verses that say our brethren are going through the same things in the world and just the other day I was wondering if John McTernan ever had miracles happen to him as I’ve had happen.God is so good & without even saying a word he answered that thought.The BATTLE that we fight against the hardened hearts who stand their ground for the wrong have no idea as God’s people stand their ground in the right that we may look as though we are standing alone,but God with us are a greater army.We overcome by the blood of christ! I enjoy this blog so much it feels like family.To God Be The Glory! I’m so thankful for this ministry and pray God blesses you John and all who seek the truth here.

  4. dan .w says:

    Abortion reveals a murderers heart.We as Americans don’t suffer from lack of education,but a lack of the fear of the Lord Jesus.If more education was the solution,why do most of society,regardless of professional field endorse,support,enable wickedness,and call it good.Colleges are full of Christ hating professors,and mockers for students…liberalism in churches have not helped..Our solution….Turn back to Christ…repent,and return… Dan.w

  5. Mrs. CJB says:

    When my friend and I pray, we pray for many, many varied things
    personal, national, international etc., etc. One thing we try
    never to forget is women who are contemplating abortion. We cry
    out to them by the Holy Ghost in Jesus name to “Choose Life!”
    Thank you, Brother John for your bold stand for Life.

  6. Lori says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more!!! So many have disregarded God so they can enjoy sin without feeling guilty.

  7. Julia says:

    Thank You John,I would rather fight with my family here than the brothers and sisters I grew up with.Enjoy Your Day!God Bless you John and the family found here.

  8. Julia says:

    Dan as soon as I read your comment people enable wickedness and call it good It brought to mind (Isaiah 5 V 20 & 23) Woe unto them that call evil good,and good evil;that put darkness for light,and light for darkness;that put bitter for sweet,and sweet for bitter!Which justify the wicked for reward,and take away the righteousness of the righteous from him.OUR FATHER has it all covered.God Bless You.

  9. Sandy says:

    John ..It was so good to see my 13 year old grandson go to DC from VA beach,,and it was school sponsored..(Catholic school)…It was all volunteer too..I know it was cold there and they had problems getting home..the bus broke down and they got home at 3:30 AM..and in the middle of a snow storm..But I know God will bless him and his family..

  10. Kate says:

    Dear Mr Mcternan:

    Maybe you have already seen this, but I saw an article on last night titled “Gates Hates Cash”.
    I’m sorry I don’t know how to link articles but if you type that in it will bring up an article on the “Better Than Cash Alliance” which involves the Gates Foundation, Citi Bank, Visa, Inc., the United Nations, Mercy Corp and several other founding members which have created this alliance for the purposes of converting to a cash-less global society…(which also probably means billions in revenue for Visa and CITI through processing fees, etc.).

    When I saw VISA, Inc., was involved, I checked their website. Under their – Visa Viewpoints Blog : “Perspectives on Digital Currency” category was the following announcement:

    Sep 20, 2012
    Going Cashless: One Minute With Gordon Cooper

    Yesterday we announced Visa’s founding participation in the Better Than Cash Alliance, an initiative aimed at accelerating the shift from physical cash to electronic payments to help advance financial inclusion among the world’s unbanked population. The Alliance builds upon Visa’s global commitment to financial inclusion, including our work to enable consumers to send, receive and store money electronically in a safe, reliable and affordable way.

    Jan 10, 2013
    Benefits of Digital Currency
    Will 2013 Be the Year of Cashless Restaurants? (article)********

    My stomach kind of dropped. It is disturbing to see these things coming into reality and very quickly.

    Thank you so much for all of your insights. I really appreciate being able to read your blog.
    Thanks, Kate

  11. dan .w says:

    When I’m here…I’m home.The real Church,it’s found here.God Bless all of you who love truth,and the Author of it.Jesus . Our only Hope. P.S. One of my favorite verses is Ephesians 2;8-9 because it is like a miniature Bible in content. Take care all,Danw

  12. dan .w says:

    I live in Wis…a liberal/progressive hotbed/wasteland.However,it’s great to see real hero’s,like sheriff David Clarke,and senator Ron Johnson.Our sheriff has real guts and a back bone,and takes on the liberal drivel head on.He is the real deal.God Bless you sheriff.Senator Ron took Hillary and John Kerry to task,asking simple honest questions.We need more of people with character like these gentlemen.Even with all the bad news out there,it’s good to have true stories like these to encourage us.One last not…Can’t forget Gov.Scott Walker…another man with character,who survived a liberal onslaught,only to be victorious against a liberal recall.God Bless all you. Dan.w

  13. Nancy says:

    Was just thinking of you John and your knee injuries last year, or was it in 2011? I usually read your daily posts but haven’t read the comment section lately where you may have said something about that. Hope you are doing well.