Anglican Minister Urges Prayers for Prince George to Be Gay

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  1. Susan says:

    I simply have no words (that I can repeat on here) to say about that first story. God help us and Jesus come quickly. There just aren’t words for it…

  2. I believe that “Corporate America goes bonkers: Marvel, Barbie, Disney all push deranged left-wing agendas onto children and teens 11/30/17” and “Texas State Student Defends ‘White Death’ Column Despite Condemnation by University President 12/1/17” are far more than casually connected. Though it may appear “they are contained to the colleges and some Hard Left cities”, I think the traditional prescription the past decades for Christians to steer clear of all high education outside of their own denomination’s campuses is simply inadequate, because these graduates indoctrinated in Hard Left professors’ ideology for years have ended up running our corporate boardrooms (as well as the boards of voluntary free associations, social worker agencies, courtrooms, media, bureaucracies in Washington D.C. and the states, etc.) Small wonder that while these campuses respond to competing voices by screaming their students are being traumatized while engaging in persecution and threats of violence against their opponents, those educated at these institutions turn into (as the Washington Free Beacon editor-in-chief described in a recent address at Hillsdale College), “examples of a coastal, metropolitan, highly schooled upper class warring against the traditions and freedoms of a middle American, exurban and rural, lower-middle and working class with some or no college education. In short, examples of a privileged few attempting to impose their will on a recalcitrant majority.” Corporate America (and other high places) aren’t going to stop their reprobate attacks on America’s children until middle America rises up to clean the anarchists out of the college campuses.