Armed American People vs The Dem Brown Shirts

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  1. dan.w says:

    We are just about at ‘that point’.I have talked to people..some I have never met before..they see the insanity and vitriol of the left who are energized by satan with rage and hatred.I have shown them right where we are in history.They all see it.There is a line in the sand.We all know it’s there.When it is crossed..hell will break loose.The nazi left will leave in bodybags.There are true,Godfearing patriots who are done with taking’#%!*!’….We KNOW these are satans footsoldiers.There is no America 2.Losing is not an option.They did take the fight to us.I’m sure conservatives will exercise patience and caution and Biblical sense…but no one will take my free speech,family,home,right to worship,or defend myself.If they try..they are done..I don’t play victim and mobs get no mercy.They are there for only one reason…To get fitted for a coffin.Christian.Do not be a doormat for the left.The democrat party has died long ago and has been ‘bodysnatched’ by communism,and islam,and the sodomites and baby killers.If you show weakness…it’s over for you.Give them the Gospel first if so led…if they only want to kill you…God allows for self defense.It’s no crime to die for Christ…But it’s a shame to die for anything less…..P.S..remember..China/Russia/NWO/U.N all want this..[we don’t] they can walk in and amidst the nation divided against itself..just take everything.That IS their goal.Pray it don’t happen.We need the Lord to squash this,or give us the victory.

  2. dan.w says:

    Father God…put the spirit of calm and humility over the population.Let us all see our sin before You.and our need of You.Please see America through this troubled time and if in Your will,restore her to what we were originally founded on.Brake the backs of rebels and those who are only bent on destruction,but give a ‘second chance’ to those who need/want one…Amen.

  3. dan.w says:

    Father God…Thank You for being merciful to us thus far.Thank You also for giving us one really great country to live in.This is not Heaven,and it never will be it…however let us not shirk our responsibility to try and keep it and for us to honor You with it.Make us once again a city shining on a be a blessing to all nations…a safe harbor for the truly oppressed..not the fictionalized version…Amen.