Army chief warns against attempts to eradicate Israel

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  1. Cynthia says:

    Brother John, read this article to see what is going on not only in Afghanistan but inside our military, what is being suggested our troops be taught about Islam. Such atrocities being justified by our own top brass:

  2. SC Hill says:

    When and who decided to change the way dates are cited? From BC to AD meant from “Before Christ” and “Anno Domini” (“The Year of Our Lord”). Now we see everywhere the identification of CE, meaning the “Common Era”.
    When did the “Common Era” begin and what triggered that beginning? It is amazing to me that seemingly overnight every date was marked CE. At least in Christian articles we should us BC and AD. (Mohammed started Islam in 622 CE—your article) Why?

    • sdavis says:

      I don’t know when the time designations changed, but I’m sure it was to remove Christ from the center of history and diminish His importance. As far as why CE was used on this site, Brother John was just quoting the article, not supporting its point of view. The blue link called, Islam’s Tenuous Connection to Jerusalem, leads to the original article from which the quote was taken. God bless!

  3. Cynthia says:

    Egyptian Professor of Political Science Gamal Zahran: “By Next Year, Allah Willing, Israel Will Be Annihilated” :

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