As America Has Done to Israel

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  1. Irene C says:

    My son came home for a visit this weekend and we were discussing the Crimea/Russia situation. I was telling him that I had read an article that said the U.S. won’t recognize the Crimea vote. As we were discussing this, I said, somewhat jokingly, that maybe Russia won’t recognize our election (for president). With everything that is going on, (yes my head is spinning also), sometimes a little humor helps.

    Thank you Brother John for keeping us informed and for reassuring us to keep looking for our Blessed Hope. My prayers for you are for strength and wisdom as all these things start escalating around us.

    God Bless and Maranatha

    • JohnMcTernan says:

      I am convinced that God raised up Putin to deal directly with Obama.
      Putin is going to deal with Obama the way that Obama deals with Netanyahu!
      Obama’s weak mind is going to start WW3 as it is now unfolding before us.

  2. These events will be interesting to see unfold. I pray that God’s will be done. Amen!

  3. Don says:

    That’s interesting, John. It’s interesting to think that Putin may have been raised up to checkmate Obama and humiliate him the same way that Obama has treated Bibi. Do you still believe that China is the military force raised up to challenge the American military?

  4. Danc in Virginia Beach says:

    Brother John,
    I pray to the Lord to continue to bless and keep you strengthened, and to shield you from all manner of evil in Jesus name, Amen!
    You articulate saying very well what I’m thinking. You speak truth and won’t compromise.
    As I have stated in the past, I firmly believe that the current WH occupant is one form of judgment on America and there is more to come. If Hillary is elected next term (if we make it that far), this country deserves everything that’s coming to it.
    With 47+ suspicious deaths surrounding the Clintons, and Obama with his own, are a birds of a feather. All I can say is Lord come quickly, but let us get the work done quickly before he does.

  5. Dan.w says:

    I agree with post #6.Christ is building His church..and satan is building his .Side by side,they go up.Religion and politics have been dance partners since year one.The repudiators the demoncats,or the party of chi cannot save anyone.If Jesus is not the head,it’s like a toad in a hailstorm.This world system is in a wrap up mode…The evil one is pulling out all the stops…but Christ will be the victor.As tragic as the missing plane story may be…what else has transpired at the same time?Is this more smoke and mirrors?We may never see Clinton prosecuted on his magic trick of making all those people vanish,nor will the real Obama birth certificate really ever surface,along with real consequences for him..usurper /liar in chief…at least not in this life.But nothing escapes God and His view…there will be hell to pay.Meanwhile,our national judgments are being laid one on another because the religious crowd who are not saved and do not know it,try to vote in the lesser of two evils…That road too…leads to death and hell.I love this site.Real people who love the Lord.We are all parts of the body.Even if we dissagree from time to time..we must show love,one to another…Otherwise,why would the world want to be a believer in Christ if we act like the world.I learn alot from each of you,eventhough I may not agree with you at some point…I consider it an opportunity for me to perhaps grow.I know where I stand,and shall not be moved..but if you can show me from the Scriptures my error,may I be humble and at least consider it.Brother John and all of you,keep up following the Lord.It’s all worth it,Dan.w

  6. Jackie says:

    Psalm 9:20
    Put them in fear, O Lord: (that) the nations may know themselves (to be but) men. Selah.

    John, once again thank you for all you do. You must be exhausted, physically and mentally most days. All the brothers and sisters on this blog love your postings but we want you to be well too.

    Thank you Lord Jesus for your servant John. We hold him up and ask for your continued blessing on this ministry and Your blessing on John and his family. In Jesus name Amen

  7. Danielle says:

    @#8 Jackie …TY, and All God’s people said “Amen.” We second that comment!

  8. Dan.w says:

    Yes..get better brother John.I was thinking of posting less to let others have a chance..I should listen more and speak less.God bless each of you as you walk in our Savior’s footsteps,Dan.w

  9. Irene C says:

    @Dan.w, please don’t post less. Not only do we learn from Brother John, we learn from each other too. Your words have been a blessing to me, especially when you put into words the things I was feeling and thinking.

    God Bless and Maranatha

  10. Irene C says:

    Right after I posted my last comment, I came upon this article.

    Israeli airstrikes escalate tensions with Syria

    JERUSALEM (AP) — Israeli warplanes unleashed a series of airstrikes on Syrian military posts early Wednesday, killing one soldier and wounding seven in one of the most serious clashes between the countries in the past four decades.

    The airstrikes came in retaliation for a roadside bombing a day earlier in the Golan Heights that wounded four Israeli soldiers on patrol along the tense frontier with Syria. The overnight raids marked a sharp escalation of activity for Israel, which largely has stayed on the sidelines during Syrian President Bashar Assad’s battle against rebels trying to topple him.

  11. nathan says:

    The Lord knows His sheep is this the days of noah need help to get to israelbaruch haba bashem Adonai

  12. nathan says:

    AS for The Lord His way is perfect He is a sheild and buckler to those who put their trust in Him watch and watch as the puzzel is being divinely put in place