As America Has Done to Israel/God’s Final Warning to America

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  1. Ps91 says:

    This ought to be interesting as there are Chinese troops already here in the U.S. Also, they can just drop off more troops to the Walmart airport in Arkansas that’s considered a free trade zone. So they can attack us from inside our country as well as outside.

  2. Carol M says:

    “Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stressed Sunday that he would not diverge from his warnings against Iran’s disputed nuclear ambitions.

    In a trade of barbs over his approach on deterring the Islamic Republic from obtaining nuclear weapons, the premier, said in Rome, “When I see that our vital interests are at stake I will not shut up”.”

    Ehud Olmert in a what would appear to be another example of a Chamberlain moment . . .

    “Earlier Sunday, former prime minister Ehud Olmert lashed out at Netanyahu’s criticism of the nuclear deal reached between Iran and the world powers last Sunday.”

    It would seem that we are already witnessing quite a lot of wheat and tare identification prior to the harvest!!!


  3. patty says:

    it will be interesting to see how psalm 83 starts, especially when we keep seeing this iran/russia thing–hard not to think it’s Gog. But after continuing to watch biltz’ videos on the blood red moons and bill salas, it seems correct it is psalm 83 and Gog right on the heals. It is going to be a packed year or so here. So look forward to your analysis Mr. McTernan.

  4. Debra Lukas says:

    I knew Obama was an evil man before he was our president and I had told my in-laws he was evil and now the truth has come out, but still many people still don’t believe it.
    I’m just glad I am on the Lord’s side and will fight for the Jewish people.
    Thank you Mr. McT for keeping us updated with bible news, I am so ready to go home. God bless you and your family always
    Debra Lukas-Mich

  5. Dan.w says:

    America has seen its best hour…The light is going out on our country,and it may be God who blows out this candle.We as believers can shine brightly for our Savior by simply heeding the call with which He has called us.There are embers,[lost humanity] that need to hear the Truth.Let us ‘the real church’,not get bogged down or sidetracked by satan and his dirty tricks department,but lets pull out the stops and win souls for Christ.Time is running out.God bless all,..Dan.w

  6. zionsgate says:

    As brother John has clearly chronicled in “As America Has Done to Israel”, our nation of wayward sheep has now allowed the Pied Piper in the Oval Office- to lead us to the edge of the Abyss! Only Divine Intervention in answer to our fervent intercession will save our nation…

  7. Lori says:

    Thanks for the good thoughts and advice here, I always enjoy reading your posts!

  8. ken says:

    If china wants to destroy us all they need to do is stop financing our debts, this country will implode in about a month.

  9. Norman Page says:

    The irony is, there may now be more true Christians in China, than in America or Europe!

    “Known unto God are all his works from the beginning of the world” (Acts 15:18).

  10. Norman Page says:

    China’s rise, fuelled by Western consumerism, has been ominous for 2 or 3 decades – the same as with oil from the Islamic countries. But the interesting thing about China is the huge growth of the Church, albeit under varying degrees of persecution by the state.
    I used to pray over a map of China when it was a closed land under Chairman Mao. In the 1980’s there were significant deliveries of Bibles into China, and later, I had one or two pen-friends. On one occasion, around 1990, I ordered 3 Bibles in Chinese, thinking to send them to my pen-friends, but held back, as I felt they’d not get through. Within a few weeks, an amazing thing happened. I received a phone call at work to request I give a briefing to 3 Chinese visitors – an unprecedented event in my whole career. I prepared a glossary of terms and sent it to them in advance, so that they could look up the meanings; and a couple of days later, I gave my 2-hour briefing in simple English. They seemed to enjoy it, and were very appreciative.
    At the end, I put up my map of China and asked them to show me where they lived. I then presented each of them with their own copy of the Bible, emphasizing that it was a personal gift, nothing to do with my employer (the Government). They received it with amazing joy – one man especially, who rushed up to ask me to sign my name inside (I think so that he would be allowed to keep it, when returning home). Looking back, I consider that whole series of events a miracle: a Chinese Bible delivered into the heart of Inner Mongolia, all in the course of a day’s work in my home country! Truly, ‘with God nothing shall be impossible’; but the preparation had been in prayer, for which the Lord gave me a rich reward – all glory to his name!
    I share this as an encouragement to all – as to where to look, even now in these disturbing times – and not to forget our brief in Christ, which applied in everyday life, is a message of ‘righteousness and peace and joy, in the Holy Ghost. For he that in these things serveth Christ is acceptable to God, and approved of men’ (Cf. Rom 14b:17-18).

  11. Debra Lukas says:

    To Dan,
    You are so right to win souls, the harvest is very ripe. Its now getting people to believe, so many still think Obama is doing the right thing because he is trying to bring peace, but we know he is not and he wants to destroy the Jews, and America. Obama sure is playing the roll very well in agreement with Satan. We must pray for each other in winning souls.
    Debra Lukas-Mich

  12. Debra Lukas says:

    Mr McT.
    After watching some of Obama speeches do you think he will win in turning America into an Muslim country. I would rather die than to be like that.
    I wish God would come now, times have gotten very scary with Obama in office, what a wolf and evil man he is. He is out to destroy the Jewish people its very clear
    Debra Lukas Mich

    • JohnMcTernan says:

      I don’t think America will become a Muslim nation.
      When the war breaks out in the Middle East, I think that Muslims will rise up here and there will be great bloodshed.

  13. Rev Pete says:

    You know John you make a very good case as to why there is no inkling of America in God’s Word. America will be made so low that we won’t be able to come to the aid of Israel. Israel will be on it’s own when everything hits the fan.

  14. Mary E. says:

    Great insight regarding China. I have been praying for the believers there and you may be right, they may now out number the Christians here. By the way, nice to see you back!

  15. Norman Page says:

    Mary – just to say thank you – your kind encouragement is appreciated.

  16. John says:

    There may be, and probably are, more Christians in China but as Dave Hunt once said most of them are in lowly positions of being street sweepers and such. Whereas in our country there are far more Christians in high level positions that would effect our nation in a more devastating manner when the rapture of the church takes place.

  17. Cynthia says:

    I was on our local tv station website to see the weather forecast as a possible ice storm heads our way Sunday, and seen this story. It is in Richmond, VA and for the first time ever they have appointed an officer to be the first ever liaison between the department and the LGBT community. It states that the bonds between the Richmond Police Department and the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community are being strengthened. The tentacles of this abomination is permeating every fiber of this country:

  18. mina1973 says:

    Rev Pete,
    I agree with you. If America is around to support Israel in the coming wars, they might not recognize that it is God who is their defender and not another nation. They will turn to Him and I believe many will come to the saving grace of Christ because of His defense of Israel.

  19. Dan.w says:

    Dear Norman,China is hungry for the Word.Believers are growing by leaps and bounds there because they treasure the Word of God,and they recognize it’s there only hope too.It’s a good place to sow Gospel seed because the seedbed are the persecuted..they don’t usually toss Bibles away like might happen in some other places.God blessed you for being sensitive to the leading of His Holy Spirit regarding helping these people out.May the Lord bless you and all my other brothers and sisters out there.Keep up the good work.Danw

  20. Joni says:

    @ Norman Page, what a great testimony! Thank you. Back in the 80’s I knew a couple who smuggled a suitcase of Bibles inside China. They shared their story with me, and were in the customs line, praying to be let through without incident. The Agent was bieng very thorough and tough. Just as they were moved into place, for their turn, that Agent was called out, and another took that Agent’s place, and just flagged my friends through without even speaking to them or looking!!!! I never tire of hearing of these types of miracles.
    God Bless us all,

  21. Jane says:

    Dear Friends

    I have been to China 12 times for The Lord – never empty handed. The last time I took in 100 copies of the Jesus DVD. I can tell you so many, many miracle stories. I have been very blessed to get out to village churches and they absolutely hunger for The Lord. I believe that The Lord will raise up China as a great prayer house for Israel in the end times. They know nothing about anti Semitism nor Replacement Theology.


  22. Norman Page says:

    Linking up these last few comments re the hunger for God’s word in China – all true. But there’s a sobering subtext.The changing nature of Western society means it will now be much harder for faithful Christians to be in leading positions without compromise, and this is exactly what we now see happening. But this of course is the Scriptural pattern – the road sweepers could be interpreted as ‘the off-scouring of all things’ (Cf. 1 Cor 4:12-14; Lam 3:45). There are many now who want the trappings of being ‘Christian’, but are they prepared to pay the price?…’choosing rather to suffer affliction with the people of God, than to enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season;?’ ‘esteeming the reproach of Christ greater riches than the treasures in Egypt:’? ‘for he [Moses] had respect unto the recompense of the reward’! (Cf. Heb 11:24ff). The glory of God’s word takes my breath away, and challenges me, even now, as much as any!. May the Lord quicken it to us by his Spirit, and by his mercy, keep us faithful in it. This indeed is the time to ‘eat’ God’s word, to keep our spirits in good shape, and our lamps burning brightly. Enjoy the feast!

  23. Tom says:

    As the United States is financially forced to decrease military funding and war expenditures; China and Russia deliberately increase theirs. As the United States is financially forced to eliminate warships; China, Russia, and India build new ones. As the United States deliberately weakens its’ own nuclear security defense with the ratified START Treaty; Russia, China, India, and North Korea strengthen theirs. As the United states purposely devalues the Dollar vis-à-vis fiat; China and Russia drop it as their reserve currency while strengthening their own with gold and other earth resources. As the United States slowly but surely weakens and destroys itself from within; China strengthens itself and expand throughout.

    When the United States is so fully weakened and decimated itself so that it can no longer pay even its interest on debt obligations, communist China will demand and receive equity payment in the form of land, economic, or political tribute. It is at this point in the not-so-distant future that Communist China may insist that Taiwan be ceded over to them. It is as this point in the not-so-distant future that Communist China may unleash North Korea on the South. It is at this point in-the-not-so-distant future that there will be absolutely nothing–absolutely nothing at all–that we can do about it…………………

  24. Danielle says:

    @Norman ~ Wow – great comment …Ty. @Joni, thanks for your awesome prayer on Tuesday night radio … It blessed me 🙂 and thanks to you Brother John for making this all possible! Thanks to God, most of all. Shalom !!

    • JohnMcTernan says:

      I really do love all the Blog Talk radio shows.
      I am delighted that it was a blessing to you.

  25. Tom says:

    ………………….In the meantime, American consumers gorge themselves on poorly-made, sometimes dangerous, extremely cheap, Chinese products; defective toys, poisonous building supplies, and designer knock-offs. As Americans hungrily gorge themselves on everything Chinese, they may want to seriously consider that the Chinese are hungry too–hungry for power–hungry for retribution for past sins inflicted upon them by the West at the turn of the 2oth Century and for atrocities committed by the Japanese just prior to and during WWII. The Chinese are hungry for world recognition, world respect, world domination.

    American Christians smuggle at great personal risk into China Gods’ Holy Word to empower, uplift and encourage fellow believers hopes and Spirit. China wantonly floods into the US cheap trinkets with ease to foster the worshipping greed of the holy god materialism to tear at and further morally degrade one’s already weakened soul.

    In His Service,

  26. Joni says:

    @Tom, excellent synopsis. You truly have a gift with words, and understanding. Thank you.
    @ Danielle, you are very welcome. I could not leave my prayer partner standing alone on the show, and like to tease him a lot….I so worry about people and their heath, resulting from the broken heart, as I myself went about as far as I could go with the damage to my health from the things I did in order to stave off the pain. I stayed in an abusive situation for 32 years, internalizing it all, in the hospital every couple years losing another organ, and the Docs were almost baffled at times. I see clearly, The Lord restored my sight, and if we only had “do-overs” my life would have been very different, along with everyone here’s life also you know? I especially worry about the added burden of the Holiday lies shoved down our throats in order that the retailers can have a good year. This holiday season is what all the retailers salivate for all year long. I am sad that some of us might not measure up to what Hallmark has sold as “traditional” or whatever other word they want to put on it, and then we add in the eating and drinking that goes on, and the immune system TANKS with one teaspoon of sugar. Yes, one spoon, will wreak havoc with the immune system for a week. And after it’s all over we can look forward to the “annual flu outbreak” any wonder at the timing? I ache for those who still cannot see the link between their health and their broken hearts, since it took cancer to open my eyes. Plus this Holiday Season can add to the stress of it all if we are not mindful of the dangers lurking.
    God Bless us all,