As Obama Has Done to Israel

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  1. Kevin says:

    Funny how Sarkozy lost his Presidency shortly after he and Obama disrespected Netanyahu. Let us all hope that’s also Obama’s fate…

  2. Hope says:

    As Jews enter the voting booth, here are some things that will influence their choice:
    1)The Democratic Party booing God and Jerusalem at their national convention…
    When they asked for a floor vote to add God and Jerusalem to the platform, the delegates loudly booed – three times. As the cameras revealed the hate-filled faces of the jeering delegates, some Jews felt frightened by the ugly scene.
    2) From the beginning of his presidency, Obama has seemed to enjoy humiliating Israel’s elected leader. He walked out on Netanyahu in the White House, claiming he had to eat dinner, and refused to pose for an official photograph with him. Now, as Iran races to complete a nuclear weapon, Obama rejected Netanyahu’s request for a meeting in New York, choosing to appear on The View instead. And when Netanyahu spoke at the United Nations, Obama instructed both Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and UN Ambassador Susan Rice not to attend.
    3) Obama bowed to the Saudi king, gave a high-profile speech in Cairo, apologizing to the Muslim world, and ordered NASA to make “Muslim outreach” its foremost priority. Over the objections of Congress, he gave at least $1.5 billion to the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, which advocates for “holy jihad” against Israel. And when Muslim terrorists murdered our Libyan ambassador, Obama responded with a speech at the UN, in which he stated, “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.”
    4)Obama just appointed a Muslim leader who blames Israel for the 9/11 attacks to serve as US delegate to a Warsaw human rights conference. Salam al-Marayati, president of the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC), openly supports Hizbollah and Hamas. Al-Marayati is only the latest of Obama officials hostile to Israel, including foreign policy advisor Samantha Power and UN Ambassador Susan Rice.
    Brothers and sisters, we need to vote out this dangerous man, the enemy of America and Israel. These are things that are exposed, what about all the hidden things he’s done in secret, that will only be known later?

  3. ReBecca says:

    I’m still cautiously optimistic that Oblamer will be defeated. I sure praythat your conclusions are correct that he will not get re-elected due to his mistreatment of Israel. He seems poised to take any extreme measure to ensure that he remains in office.

  4. Marlin Jones says:

    A very insightful article. Thank you, John McTernan.

  5. Hope says:

    In this election, every single, solitary vote counts. Even ours. Our country is literally hanging in the balance. Everyone is working so hard to be rid of this deceitful administration, and it bothers me greatly when I hear Christians encourage eachother to just opt out and what ever happens must be God’s will. Try leaving your front door unlocked while you’re out for the day, if your valuables are stolen was that God’s will too? America’s front door has been left open for 4 years, while thieves helped themselves to all America hold’s dear. We are responsible before God for this country if we live here and enjoy its freedoms our ancestors died for. We complain about this country and how it has deteriorated esp since Obama’s reign,if we refuse to vote we can no longer blame others, because we sat back and allowed the Hard Left Liberals to take over what rightfully belongs to us and to God. Do you understand thats exactly what they want you to do? You are falling right into their hands when you refuse to vote for whatever reason. For those who are on the fence, would you consider taking the advice of Christians who are SURE of what to do? WE love the Lord too, and its very clear to us that this administration is unlike any other this country has ever known. These are not “normal” polititians, but wickedness incarnate. Please help by voting with us. Romney is not an evil man. He’s a Mormon. Glenn Beck is a Mormon too. That hasn’t stopped them both from living their lives with the greatest respect for others, and many many of their values line up side by side with Christian values unlike his Muslim opponent, whose values always line up with the Prince of Darkness.

  6. Twenty or thirty years ago if a president did all that he has done against America, (especially in light of the Libyan coverup and turmoil of leaving our embassy unprotected,) he would’ve been named a “traitor”. Now it seems there is no such thing anymore. All in the name of being politically correct. It is sickening to see how far away from our Lord we have come as a society. He is a foreigner who has infiltrated our country. There, I said it! Jesus, help us!

  7. ReBecca says:

    “I would encourage everyone who is registered, VOTE. I understand that we would want to vote for a born-again, fundamentalist, and conservative Christian. It would indeed be a blessing if that were the case, which it is not. However, we should keep in mind that we are voting for a president, not a pastor.” Noah Hutchings, SWRC November 2012