As the European Union Has Done to Israel

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  1. We are definitely on the cusp of Messiah’s return, and now more that ever we Believers should be reaching out to the lost. Especially to those of Israelite heritage. They more than any other people on this planet have suffered due to ignorance and hatred.
    As the time for Messiah’s return grows closer we must be steadfast in blessing the seed of Abraham.

  2. the COSTA CONCORDIA shipwreck looks horrific!
    It is a SIGN FROM GOD of the economic breakup of the EU in 2012.
    And also, disharmony in the Vatican in 2012.
    As per Dean Coombs.

    Will the EU ECONOMIC UNION and the EURO look as bad as the CONCORDIA by Dec 2012?
    I think so.
    It’s what they deserve!

    Father, please remember Mercy in Your Judgement. amen

    • admin says:

      Dennis, in the future, please do not attach link to Bible codes.
      I do not want to promote this.

  3. Brian says:

    FYI: “Who Will Suffer As A Result of Euro Policies” has a broken link. When I click on it, it just returns me to your web site.

  4. Dan.w says:

    Europe is going to feel God’s displeasure for treating His people matter what anyone thinks,reardless of even their mistakes or sins..He loves them,will not cast them off,and will be their protector and provider as He always has.If you want to taste God’s wrath,touch His annointed people and see where that takes you…If you want God’s favor and blessings..Bless All Jews everywhere..He has a special plan for them,and you can share in those blessings…Pray for Israel,pray for the Jews…Lost,saved…pray…..

  5. Brad says:

    John your ministry has been a blessing. I look forward to visiting with you soon in the New Jerusalem! Praise God I’m a Christian Zionist!

  6. Rev Pete says:

    Boy if the events in the world aren’t setting up for the appearance of the anti-christ I don’t what is. You just get that feeling that what is happening is a prelude to the “Man of Perditions” appearance.