As the European Union Has Done to Israel

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  1. Dan.w says:

    This blog is fresh air to me…because here,I get the truth.The lamestream media is the devils lap dog.God bless you brother John for giving it to us straight.I’d rather get hard news that is true,than smooth lies.You are a faithful messenger,and are loved and greatly respected by this guy.Keep up the excellent work…heck,that goe’s without will.I will pray for you to stay strong in the Lord, your friend,Dan.w

  2. most churches and christians vote democrat and republican because they want their bankrupt entitlement socialism checks to continue….
    even tho the socialism is destroying the world

    Greece,the EU and, the EURO are collapsing today because of decades of socialism

    in 2012, Christ will destroy the world (NT Babylon, Rev18)…….and will save Israel nation (symbolic of the ISRAEL OF GOD, THE NT CHURCH)from her enemies,,,,,in 2012 (“end of the world”),,,as a FORESHADOW of the Return of Christ

    Christ is doing a GREAT SIGN FROM GOD IN 2012

    these SIGNS will increase in frequency,pain, and blatancy (as birth pangs of a woman) as we near the End.
    At the End,,,all people on earth will know that Christ is sending these Signs. And they can get saved if they want to.
    Praise Christ for His Signs!
    Praise Christ for His Warnings!

    the “ring of fire” annular eclipse today is seen only around the pacific ocean, at the RING OF FIRE quakes,volcanoes, tsunamis,nuclear radiation

    will we see great quakes around the pacific RING OF FIRE today?