Author: Georgann Ryan

Calls Grow to Use National Guard to Protect Coulter, Free Speech at Berkeley

The President really needs to do this or people are going to get hurt. These thugs need to be confronted with force to make them pay the price for the rioting. The actions of the Hard Left Fascists on campuses are now reaching the red zone. If they are not stopped, this rioting and violence will end up at the doors of the Church. In the end, they hate everything we stand for, so if left unchecked they will head to the Church.

Finally: English Language Declared Racist!

I posted just one article as I wanted to highlight it. This is not a joke but there is a move underway to remove all grammar from the English language because it is racist. Anything connected with American culture the Hard Left wants destroyed. We are rooted in God, so they want it destroyed.

HELL HOUSE: Dancing With the Devil In Oakland

This terrible fire in Oakland has claimed 36 lives and the pictures are something to see – the place was an outpost of evil. There are 9 large photos of the various things inside and out before it burned down, and a link to their site is also available on the page if you care to look at it.

Prophecy Packet: Update

The Prophecy Packet continues to have a big impact for the Lord in many countries throughout the world. The Last Trumpet prophetic newspaper is opening the spiritual eyes of many people to the hour we are living in. Pastors are starting to preach the coming of the Lord Jesus for His bride, and its message is winning souls to Jesus Christ. The ministry in Pakistan and India are also being greatly blessed by God. Right now 1,300,000 brokenhearted brochures were printed and distributed in India and 1,000,000 in Pakistan! It seems this is the hour of God’s visitation to these nations.

Harvard Study Concludes Attending Prayer Services Leads to Longer Life

I wanted to post some good news, and this is how prayer effects our health. A massive study of 75,000 people over 16 years proved the health benefits of praying to the Lord.
We need prayer now more than ever as the nations sink deeper into sin and rebellion against God. The nations are in turmoil which will only get worse as we approach the Day of the Lord and the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. If this is so, how much sooner is the coming of the Lord Jesus for his bride, the Church!