Author: Maria Garcia

No YouTube Show Tonight

No YouTube Show Tonight

Dr John ask me to post and let everyone know that a terrible rainstorm took his power out . It isn’t expected to be fixed until Midnight so no YouTube or Facebook tonight . ...

Hard Left: Destroying Cities, States and Nations

After reading the lead article, I’ve come to learn how the Hard Left destroys cities, states and nations. They do it through allowing crime to flourish and taxes. The more crime the faster the Middle Class leaves; therefore, taxes are raised to make up for the lost revenue. The more crime along with higher taxes slowly destroys the city.

Chaos on Israel’s Southern Border

Protesting of this nature could easily breakout into a major confrontation. Any confrontation like this is serious and could bring Iran into the battle as Iran is behind this. The Muslims are not going to prevail against Israel, but a war will bring their doom.