Ban on same-sex couples roils small Christian college: ‘This isn’t something sinful, God’

4 Responses

  1. d says:

    Isaiah 5;20 comes to mind.The left,the marxist,progressives,islamists,atheists,new agers and ‘cultural christians’ lock arm in arm.Their end goal is the same.Their ‘end’ is too.Somewhere along the line,they disbelieve God,which becomes their undoing,thus sealing their fate…unless they repent and turn to Jesus for salvation.We are in the end of the end times.

  2. dan.w says:

    In the end,I believe we are not witnessing real Christians embracing this evil,[sodomy],and it’s other related yuck factor stuff…sin..but ‘churchianity/cultural christianity which is all of the first and none of the second.I could never love what Christ hate’s.A wolf could wear a wool sweater,and either he’s a really snappy dresser,or he’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing.I personally have met and befriended real wolve’s [the animal],and I would trust them with my life…not so with the pretend christian.A real wolf lets you know at all times who he is and what he’s about…but the pretender will lie,even to himself.

  3. Dale says:

    APU reinstated the ban on same sex relationships but I still would not trust the leadership as they only did the “right” thing after being “leaned on”. APU is not exactly known for being a fundamentalist institution. Perhaps an “evangelical” institution with the emphasis on the “jelly”.